Friday, November 17, 2006

Career Idear

So ... in light of my job unhappiness, I started thinking about things I liked to do:

1. Knit
2. Make pottery
3. Study bugs
4. Drink

I'm not so sure those can be combined into one "dream job."
Something to think about over the weekend, I guess.

I'm sure Silver Spring could use a Knitting/Pottery/Insect-infested Bar.

Although maybe it could be something like Knit New York, except have booze instead of coffee ... and HOT GAY MEN instead of little old knitting ladies ;-)

And there could be insects embedded in the bar, and printed on the napkins, and stenciled on the walls ... and the drinks could have BUG-LIKE names ... Like a Monarch Martini ... and the Grasshopper ... and ... and ... *heh* fun.


  1. You know, what you "like" to do isn't necessarily the best way to figure out such things... ;)

    I actually ended up having a debate about this topic with another blogger recently - argument is here:

  2. you think that booze will keep the little old ladies away? dream on! especially if there's some lovely eye candy for those white hair women who are straight.

  3. I bet making pottery drunk would be a hoot. Just imagine the amazing works of art you could create.

  4. I think when it comes to jobs, it is good to think about what you like to do but also what you are willing to.

    Of course you could make pottery that is mixed media, using yarn (le duh!), and insect motifs in the design. The drinking would of course happen during you fabulous gallery openings.