Monday, November 13, 2006

Back to Work...

New York City was a total blast! YAY! Beatuiful weather! Good food! Lots of fun!
The only drawback? I am so friggin' tired today. But, let's start from the beginning ...

Friday, I arrived at Union Station in DC about 30 minutes prior to my trains departure ... except my train was delayed by about 30 minutes. GAH! I didn't arrive in NYC until nearly 3PM. I was supposed to meet Nida at 3:30 at this knitting/coffee shop in the East Village.

So, I didn't stop by the hotel to drop off my bags, but instead went straight to Knit New York. I was a little early. I bought a Time Out New York to read while I waited. Nida and I had a nice chat and looked at yarn.

I headed to the Park Central hotel around 5:30, I guess. Unloaded my bag. Watched Top Chef reruns. At 6:30, I met Jake in the lobby and we went to dinner. We ended up at Jane. It was yummy. For those of you familiar with the DC food scene, I would liken it to Logan Tavern, only more upscale and with better food.

After dinner, we headed over to a bar that a friend of Alison's boyfriend recommended, G Lounge. It was a nice space, very cool, but where were all the beautiful people? I guess we were there a little too early and the beautiful people hadn't emerged from their hermetically sealed vacuum chambers yet. Tomoko called, so we decided to meet her back at the hotel and then walk to Therapy. It was at Therapy where I had the absolute WORST dirty martini EVER. *cough* *gag* *spew* It was so salty I think ever drop of moisture was sucked from my mouth at the first sip.

We left around midnight I guess and headed home.

Saturday morning, I was a tad hungover ... but, Tomoko and I had to take our bags to our next "hotels" [I stayed at Alison's; Tomoko stayed with a friend in Brooklyn] and meet Nida and The Husband for brunch at 11ish. Somehow, I made it to E 95th Street and then down to Elizabeth St in Soho (?) on time. We ate brunch at Public. Yum. Very good bloody marys. Mmm. After brunch, we ended up wandering around SoHo, shopping and stuff. We went to the opening of the new Uniqlo, a Japanese H&M-esque store. Alison met us. We all parted ways. Still lots of shopping ... Jake joined me and Alison. Still more shopping.

I didn't buy anything, btw.

We returned to Alison's apartment to freshen up and get ready to go out. We met Alison's boyfriend for dinner at Bread (just down the street from Public - did I ever leave that neighborhood?). Hm... can't find a web link for the restaurant. It was good though.

We finished dinner and decided to walk to the dance club, Element (previously known as Bank, and by "previously" I mean, it was listed in TONY as "Bank" but is now called "Element"). We got there around 10:45. It was dead, but I knew it would pick up around midnight. So, we got some drinks, found a good place to sit and sat and drank. It was fun. The club was very cool. Around 1 AM, as the dance floor got more crowded, we decided to leave. I was having fun, but I was so tired after shopping all day and then dancing.

Alison and I got up on Sunday around 9, blobbed around, and eventually headed for breakfast/brunch at a little before noon. We went to a cafe near her apartment, the Barking Dog Luncheonette. Tomoko told me later that it was on Sex and the City. Aiden wore a Barking Dog t-shirt or something. Anyway, good breakfasty food.

Alison and I, then, took a short walk around her neighborhood and, at 2, I headed to Penn Station to meet Tomoko and catch the train.

The train was PACKED! and SLOW! I guess the rain/wind prevented it from going full-speed. Instead of arriving in DC at 6:34, we got there at 7:45. I was STARVING. Robert had caught the train in Philadelphia. The three of us had a late dinner in Union Station and then we all went home. Yay. Home.

Also, in case any of you are interested, I did this on the train ride to NYC:


I didn't knit any on the way back. I have to figure out how to do the rest of the thumb and pick up stitches, whatever that means ...

In other news, I was able to check my personal email at Alison's. I had an email from John. I need to reply today. I will write more about this later.


  1. wow it sounds like you had heaps of fun!

    It's been so long since I've been to NYC, I really must make a point to get down there soon.


  2. If you didn't figure it out yourself already, there's a video for picking up stitches at

  3. Great job on the mitten. I just did my first pair a few weeks ago.

    I refuse to comment on the NY part of the post, as I miss the time and money to visit my home town.r

  4. "Hermetically sealed vacuum chambers" is FUNNY.

    To pick up the stitches, just take them off the waste yarn they're on and put them on three DPNs. You'll only have a few stitches on each needle, but it goes fast.

    If the pattern says "pick up and knit," and I don't think it should, it means it wants you to attach the yarn and use a crochet needle to pull yarn through existing loops. That technique is usually used on socks, though, so probably all you need to do is put your stitches back onto needles.

    Good luck!

    My sweater, by the way, is 1/8 finished. (I've used one skein of 8 total. SUPERFINE ALPACA, BITCHES!)

  5. Look here for more info on picking up