Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy All Saints Day

In honor of All Saints Day, here's one of my favorite "I'm bored at work" links:

Patron Saint Index - you can search by Saint's name or by topic. It's fun! It's exciting!

Who's the patron saint of cats? Gertrude of Nivelles
Open sores?
Venereal disease?

Have at it people!

In other news, I finished knitting my brother's Christmas present! YAY! It's a "Harry Potter scarf" in his university colors (black and gold). Now, all I have to do is wash it, block it, and attach the fringe. I cast on another Christmas present as well, and got my crap together to try to figure out how to use double-pointed needles (dpns) to make mittens for my parents. I bought some really nice Scottish wool to use. Very excited about that. Wish me luck.

Today is laundry day! Plus, a few friends are coming over after work to finish off the leftover party booze and food. Fun times. Fun times.


  1. Is there a patron saint for homosexuals? Or for a lost gay boi?

  2. I think that would be Saint Liberace.