Monday, November 20, 2006

Date Lab

It's like a meme ... only it's not.

The Washington Post has been running this weekly feature called "Date Lab," in which singles fill out a questionnaire, the WaPo editors read it, and match up couples. They then interview the couple about the date and publish it for all of us to read. Apparently, they only match up the Straights. [You can read past Date Labs here.]

Anyway, I decided to type my answers to [most of] the questionnaire ...

1. In six words or less, tell us what you do for work: I answer the telephone.

2. Rarely is someone living in D.C. actually from D.C. So how long have you been here? 7 years [and I don't actually think being a D.C. native is all that "rare."]

3. Where are you from originally? North Carolina

4. Do you: Smoke? No
5. Drink? Yes
6. Work out? No
7. Attend religious services? No
8. Eat meat? No
9. Have pets? If so, what kind? Yes. A cat, named Isabella.

10. Quick-what's the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? Must. Have. Coffee.

11. What's the last book you read? The Eyre Affair

12. If you could have any superpower, which one would you want? Why? Being able to fly would be cool. Not having to go through airport security would be the best!

13. You took a three-hour tour with some friends, and now you're stranded on this island.
a. Which three foods do you wish you'd remembered to pack? Whole wheat bread, peanut butter, strawberry jam.
b. Which three DVDs? There's a DVD player on the island? Sweet. Legally Blonde, Singin' in the Rain, and How to Get Off an Island On Which You Are Stranded (Special Edition).
c. Which three people? I don't normally pack people, but ... The Professor (for his technical expertise), Robert (for fun conversation), and a hot Japanese Judo player (for ... um ... well, "entertainment")

14. Imagine your dating history is being turned into a TV show. Pitch it to us. It's like Moonlighting, without the sexual tension.

15. What's the first drink you'd order in a bar? Sapphire Martini. Dirty.

16. What are the chances you'd then start talking to the stranger next to you and end up making a new friend? Not very likely.

17. What's the first thing people notice when they walk into your home? I have a big green sofa!

18. When are you happiest? When I'm hanging out with my friends.

19. In what ways would you say you are very D.C.? I didn't vote for Bush!

20. In what ways aren't you? I refuse to wear pleated pants, and I don't really care what you do ... as long as you do something. I'm not all that interested in politics [which doesn't mean I'm not politically aware ... I just don't live and breathe politics].

21. Think about the last couple of people you dated (and, yes, "only once" counts). How/where did you meet those people? The last person I dated, I met through a friend. We met about a year before at his house. I was dating someone at the time. After that relationship came to a crashing halt, we met again at a happy hour and started going out. [OK. We had sex. THEN, we started going out.]

22. C'mon, brag a little: What makes you a good catch? Hm ... since I haven't been caught, maybe I'm not all that great of a catch? BUT ... since you asked, I'm cute, smart, fun, have a wide range of interests, like to travel, and ... and ...

23. So, what's your type? (And don't tell us you don't have one-that's such a cop-out.) Tall. Heavier than I am (but not overweight). Employed. Thinky. And can totally geek out about something.

24. Most singletons say they want to meet someone funny. But what's your idea of funny? Cleverly witty. Dry humor rather than slapstick.

25. What was you best date ever? We went on a picnic at that park near National Airport. Good food. Nice wine. We played Scrabble. It was awesome.

26. What was your worst? See here.

27. What hobbies/interests/outlooks/passions would you hope to share with your date? Loves to travel, likes to eat out and try new restaurants, socially liberal, fiscally conservative ...

28. In what ways would you hope he differed from you? I would hope he is better organized than I am and more motivated and not stuck in a job he hates.

29. In your world, what features or characteristics would normally rule someone out as a dating possibility? Republican. Socially conservative. Religiously fundamental. Overweight. Straight.


  1. I just saw Singin' in the Rain recently for the first time. It's a fun movie. Some of the songs are still stuck in my head even though I saw it over a week ago!

  2. "How to Get Off an Island On Which You Are Stranded (Special Edition)." SNORT!