Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We Interrupt This Blog for a Happy Dance

North Carolina District 11 is my parents' district:

Shuler, Heath (D) 53.85%
Taylor, Charles (R)(i) 46.15%

Pardon me while I do a little butt-shaking dance of joy:


*whew* I'm tired now. Not that Representative-Elect Shuler is Mr. Liberal or anything, but Charles Taylor is GONE! GONE! GONE! YAY.

[You may remember that he was the man who blocked funding for the 9/11 Memorial in Pennsylvania.]

I can't count the ways I despise him.

ANYWAY, in other news,

Have I mentioned I'm going to New York City this weekend? I can't wait. I'm wearing my new shoes in order to break them in a bit. They hurt. Ow. They may not be going to NYC.

I want to go to yarn shops.
And fun bars.
And maybe a dance club.
And I want people to shower me with gifts and money.

"Make it so, Number One."

Seriously, if anyone has recommendations of things to do, places to go, let me know :-) [and quickly!]

Tonight is laundry night.
I hate having a dead TV.
I will probably do laundry, knit, and have a drink or two to celebrate the Democrats taking over the House. Woo hoo.

OH. Last night, after work, I met Mike at Caribou Coffee on 14th and Rhode Island. We had some sort of caramel apple cider. Very yummy. He's off to Philly this weekend. Is there anyone not travelling?



  1. May I have this dance? SO HAPPY!!!

    Oooh, New York yarn, how sophisticated!

    Congrats on your cast on; I think that's the hardest part. I've never done mittens; I'm casting some on today. The thumb scares me.


  3. Me. Not traveling, nowhere, no time soon. Sigh.

  4. Me too. Bah. Wanna travel!