Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blog Deja Vu

I started typing an entry, but was suddenly struck with the thought that I had already discussed in this forum my extreme dislike of the term homophobia. So, I deleted the entry and started this one, which I'm sure will be much less clever and interesting than the one which was deleted. I'm sorry.

I did absolutely nothing of interest last night, other than finish my knitten (yay!) and start its mate.

Thus, I'm stealing a meme from the Persian Guy:

A is for age: 36
B is for beer of choice: Guinness? Maybe ... I also like dark microbrews.
C is for career: GAH!
D is for favorite Drink: Sapphire Martini, Straight Up and Dirty
E is for essential item you use everyday: toothbrush
F is for favorite song at the moment: Unfortunately, I don't have one ... before my CD player died (or was KILLED by JAKE), I was listening to a CD of medieval music I bought in England.
G is for favorite games: Scrabble
H is for hometown: er ... I was born in Morganton, NC
I is for instruments you play: Alto Saxophone (or at least I used to play it)
J is for favorite juice: Cranberry
K is for kids: None!
L is for last kiss: Drunken peck on Friday night
M is for marriage: probably never
N is for names of your best friends: Robert. Isa. Tomoko.
O is for overnight hospital stays: None
P is for phobias: None to speak of ...
Q is for quote: "It is during difficult times that true friends become apparent." - Chinese fortune
R is for biggest regret: Not really a regret, but I see how my life would have been different if I had opted for the research grant in entomology from NC State instead of deciding to teach high school.
S is for self confidence: Sometimes it oozes out of my pores ... right now, not so much.
T is for time you wake up: 6:20
U is for underwear: Anything CUTE, but I *heart* STEVEN underwear (wonder why?)
V is for vegetable you love: Broccoli
W is for worst habit: procrastination
X is for x-rays you've had: Twice, I think. A sprained ankle in 2nd grade and a broken toe in 7th grade.
Y is for yummy food you make: Thai Green Curry.
Z is for zodiac sign: Pisces

In other exciting news, I think I may have found a fairly major mistake in a new EPA regulation which was published today. Fun times!


  1. I got to go visit the Guinness headquarters in Ireland last december, later that night we hit a pub in Dublin and consumed as many as we could before passing out. It was too much fun!

    My ex loved Saphire and Cranberry, I got really sick on Gin when I was like 20 and for some reason can't even bear the smell of it without gagging, isn't that weird?

    You did way more with this meme than I did, love reading more about you!


  2. No pics of said Steven underwear?

  3. Pardon me while I lick up some of that self-confidence oozing out of your pores. I could use it. ;)

  4. I want to come over and have you make thai green curry. Yes. We could knit.

  5. The "medieval music I bought in England" wasn't by a guy called Medwyn Godall was it?