Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pain in the Brain

When I was a sophomore in high school, my brother was a senior. He drove a 1979 metallic pine green AMC Spirit, which we dubbed "The Green Hornet." My brother was not the best of drivers. In fact, I frequently imagined myself being killed in horrible car wrecks with my brother at the wheel - flames, plummeting over bridges, smashed under trucks.

Such was my existence with my brother at the wheel. But, it was either suffer that existence or suffer a far worse fate - riding the bus to and from school. *shudder*

In the Spring of 1986, my brother was driving me and our friend, Brian, home from school. It was the day before Spring Break started and the day before we were going to Florida on a school trip (woot!). I had loads to do before leaving - pack, go to the bank to get traveler's cheques, etc. etc. etc. As my brother sped down the road towards home, the driver of the car in front of him suddenly decided to stop and turn left.

*screech* went my brother's brakes. Fortunately, we managed to stop in time.

Unfortunately, *CRASH* the car behind us did not! We were rear-ended by a little red Chevette (almost a Prince song, but not quite). I was crammed in the backseat and not wearing a seatbelt. I was thrown up and forward, banging my head on the roof of the car.

The Green Hornet, being from the days when cars were actually made of steel, only had a cracked rear light. The Little Red Chevette was a steaming pile of smashed front end. I had a headache. The police came. Reports were filed. I made it to the bank before it closed and had a fabulicious holiday in Florida with my friends.

However, ever since that accident, I occasionally get very sharp (I believe the term is "acute"), stabbing pains in the back of my head [always in the same place]. It feels like the pain is inside my skull, which is weird since the brain doesn't have pain receptors. The sensation only lasts for a few seconds, but it is often enough to make me stop doing whatever I am doing and, sometimes, brings tears to my eyes.

A few minutes ago, I felt that familiar pain. Every time it happens, I am reminded of that car accident, and I think "maybe I should go get that checked out." The pain subsides and doesn't come back for several months, so I won't. I won't even think about it until it happens again.


  1. My brother would say that I drive like your brother...

  2. That's the thing when we have to stop fast, we never take into account whoever is behind us probably won't.

    My car was totalled last year in the exact same scenario.

    Sorry to hear about your pain, ever think of having a doctor take an exray or something to check it out? What if it's serious. I don't mean to worry you but still, better safer.....


  3. Sigh -- I miss steel cars. Maybe not the AMC versions, though. Then again, I hear the Eagle handled like a dream.

    Now, what's this about your head and blunt force trauma?

  4. living with physical pain should not turn into a normal thing.. just check it out, it might be nothing but why go on with life guessing where/ why it's occuring so often?

  5. I thought the American way was Check, sue, cheque?

  6. Eh, your head's fine. Just don't smash it again. *smooch*

  7. TGF suffered a head injury which resulted in a coma of a few days and some brain damage, which we take turns using as an excuse for various behaviors. The pain is probably nothing, but it wouldn't hurt to get it check out one day. Just to be sure.