Tuesday, November 28, 2006

You Got Some 'Splainin' to Do

I stopped by the Whole Foods on my way home last night to pick up ingredients for Meat-Free Monday. However, once I opened my fridge, I was reminded that I had leftover pizza from Saturday night which needed to be eaten. I will cook my planned Meat-Free Monday meal tonight. It will be Monday somewhere in the world, right? Right?

Dykewife asked about liquid cheese ... which is also called "cheese dip." It's basically melted cheese with jalapenos and stuff in it. You dip tortilla chips in it.

The easiest way to make liquid cheese is to cube about 8 oz of Velveeta (mmm ... Velveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeta), add a can of diced tomatoes with chilies (or salsa, I suppose), and nuke that stuff until the cheese melts. Simple. Delicious.

The stuff you get at Mexican restaurants tends to be a bit higher quality than Velveeta.

Anyway ... after making a martini and eating leftover pizza, I paid bills (woo hoo! which reminds me I need to transfer some funds into my checking account). Then, I watched a movie, Brazil. It was OK. And, I knitted. I started a hat for myself, using some blue merino wool I had lying around. Hopefully, it will be enough. If not, I guess I started a headband for myself.

My boss is out sick today, so I need to go type up the weekly report and send it out. Fun times.

More later. *smooches*


  1. I feel guilty just thinking about eating Velveeta's orangey goodness.



  2. Queso fundido = melted Mexican melting cheese (white, mild) and chiles. Only gringos use Velveeta and salsa. If you're hard core, you put chorizo -- which is very spicy Mexican "sausage," which is slang for lips and assholes -- into your queso. It's basically a heart attack in a bowl. Yay!

    There's vegetarian chorizo out now. I LOVE IT.