Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Update: Delicate Flowers Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of it all, here is a pretty red flower* for you:

I made it my laptop's wallpaper. You can too, if you go to my flickr page. You're welcome.

So ... my weekend ...

I left work early on Friday (huzzah!) and went to the pottery studio. Most of my things were still a little too wet to trim, so I decided to make *something*. It turned out to be a serving dish/bowl-like thing of some sort. Not quite tall enough to be casserole, but I like it. So far.

Then, I received a text message from Tomokito. Apparently, the former friend who decided to stop speaking to me when I started dating Y** wanted to have a happy hour ... at the same place I had planned happy hour ... with the same people I had invited. Tomokito asked if I wanted to change happy hour sites. Um. No. Why should I? I'm not the one with the problem.

OK. The only problem I have is that the Former Friend can't go out and make his own damn friends. I mean, really, what's that all about? Of course, I can't choose with who my friends hang out; however, I have advised them not to date the "wrong" people. I figure that if they still want to be around someone with an unstable personality that's their business.

Anyway, I left the pottery studio, went to Y's to clean up, and headed out to the happy hour. Not 15 minutes after everyone got there, the rains came. Torrential downpour. I'm glad we were inside. As we were sitting there, Tomokito says that she emailed Former Friend, and he decided to have his happy hour somewhere else.

Apparently I am so repulsive that he can't even be in the same bar as I. Either that or, and this is what I choose to believe, he's so ashamed of the immature way he's acted that he can't bear to face me. It sucks that he went somewhere else, because (a) my friends who came to happy hour with me didn't get to see him and (b) I had spent the metro ride practicing saying really nice things like "Former Friend, it's such a pleasure to see you again" in the most flat and uncaring tone I could imagine. Oh, well. I guess it's good to have those on mental file.

The happy hour was a lot of fun. Mike, Atul, Tomokito, Ray, and special superstar guest [and hot chick], Clio Bluestocking Tales, were there. We had good fun and cheese fries. What more does one need?

CBT and I left for home*** around 8-ish. Mike, Atul, Tomokito and Ray decided to stay at the bar for a little longer. I went to Y's to hang out with him and some friends who were moving to Israel this weekend.

Saturday, after the friends left, I tried -unsuccessfully- to work on my job stuff. Stupid KSAs. I hates them. Passionately. Around 5PM, Y and I went to a house party. The mint-infused vodka was a big hit. The party was fun ... except for the pot-smoking. The smell of pot makes me queasy, so I stayed outside while that was going on. Y only stayed for an hour, because he had to work on his research. He has a looming deadline of July 3rd. I hung out with the hosts and DUN. There was a pinata. We played bocce. Fun times. A storm rolled in, and DUN drove me back to Y's.

I was a little durnk, and he was working, so I fixed another drink and popped in a DVD (Witches of Eastwick. I thought it was a good choice to watch during a storm).

Sunday morning, there was lots of buttsecks ;-) ... Then, I showered and headed back to my place. It was HOT. OMG. So. HOT. I made delicious, cold beverages and tried to work on more job stuff. [Repeat KSAs rant here]. I also made ice cubes with blueberries in them, so when I make my Blueberry Tom Collins, I'll have fun garnishy ice cubes. Yes. I'm weird. Whatever.

Later that afternoon, I made a yummy vinaigrette dressing to put on the salad DUN and I took to a neighbor's for dinner. Here's what I did:

In a food processor add:

1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1/2 cup olive oil [must recipes call for 3/4 cup, but I think that's too oily]
1 tsp. salt
freshly ground pepper (to taste)
one stalk of oregano (hot and spicy variety) from the garden
2 or 3 thai basil leaves from the garden
2 dried chili peppers from last year's garden
and a dollop of maple syrup.

Then, process the hell out of it.

After it's finely blended, I added two finely minced, locally grown yellow roma tomatoes.

Delicious. Srsly.

Around 6:30ish, I headed over to the neighbor's for dinner. It was yummy - homemade bread and cheese, then gazpacho, then salad and pad thai. We played some card game and drank a lot of wine. Good times.

And that was my weekend. Chock full of fun and excitement, no?

More later (including the contest results!). *smooches*

*If anyone knows what kind of flower it is, I'd be most appreciative.
**Apparently Y ignored Former Friend at a club one time and FF has never forgiven him for that horrible slight. *cough*
***I referred to Y's house as 'home' in a txt msg and he got all gooey. *sigh* Well, as "all gooey" as he can get ... which isn't that gooey at all.


  1. Ice should be more fun in general.

  2. I think it's a double begonia.

    I made a yummy salad dressing this weekend too with thai basil from my garden, sesame oil, rice vinegar, mirin, fresh ginger, red pepper and some sugar. I don't blend it, I just kind of muddle it in my pampered chef dressing carafe. So yummy.

    xoxo, SG

  3. it's a poppy. look at the centre and you can see that it's already forming the seed pod. they're a popular seed for companies to put into wild flower mixes. they also self seed quite nicely.

    the recipe looks very yummy, though i'd have to use balsamic vinegar because it doesn't give bran migraines.

  4. Boozers have no business knocking the pot smokers. (Although certainly smoking outside would have been more polite.)

  5. Definitely a poppy.

    Dressing sounds good - but it would have to be balsalmic vinegar or cider vinegar because red wine vinegar is just All Wrong in my book.