Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Big O

About 6 months ago (I think), my company's suite was reorganized into a smaller area. The former part of our office is now being remodeled for another company. I was talking to my boss yesterday and said that it would be neat to have the O from our company's logo which was still on the wall in our former office. When I got to my desk this morning, guess what was on it?

The Big O.
My boss gave me the Big O.
I am so lucky to have such a great boss :-)


In other exciting news, I did laundry last night.

There was a kickass thunderstorm. I love it when the thunder/lightning is so close it sets off car alarms.

Later, DUN and AtWN came over for two-bite cupcakes and a very special viewing of Singin' in the Rain. Ah, Cyd Charisse get off that mantelpiece. You're such a shock there. We need a clock there.*

After they left, I was getting ready for bed when Y called. His paper presentation went well. There was interest in his results/research. He mentioned something about possible job opportunities in Hong Kong and Singapore. I have no desire to go to Hong Kong, but I could be tempted to move to Singapore. It's so close to Malaysia and Indonesia, two countries I would love to visit again. Y returns tomorrow. Yay. I am missing him a little.

More later. *smooches*

PS. Are you reading my SuperFantastic Cuzin's Dig Diary from Israel? If not, you are missing out, bitchez. Witty writing. Interesting topics. And occasional photos of hot and sweaty archaeologists. YUM! What more does one need?

*I remember reading this in a Reader's Digest sometime in the early 80s. I had no idea who Cyd Charisse was.


  1. So that's what your O face looks like! ;-)

  2. oooh do you have a peephole on your front door? cause if you do you should totally hang the O around it ala FRIENDS!!

  3. Possibly the only thing I miss about Oklahomo is the thunderstorms (the ones sans tornadoes). Thunder is so rare here that a single thunderclap can be the talk of the neighborhood for days.