Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sophie's Choice

Yesterday, I had to thin out my thai basil seedlings, a daunting task. I love them all. Rather than discard some of them, I froze them into ice cubes:

If only Meryl Strep had known that was an option ...

PS. They are *not* floating in a glass full of vodka.

PPS. OK. Maybe they are.


  1. Yeah, I thought it was teh vodka.

  2. So how do basil and vodka taste together? Would you recommend it?

  3. Wait, so Meryl should have had one of her children frozen in ice? This is a solution?

  4. Bearing in mind where I live I'm forever making ice cubes. And since my trip to vuboq-ville I chuckle every time I put plain water into the trays.

    Tonight, I promise it was before I read this, I decided to break my boringness and froze - guess what?!

    It's radical!


    Yeah, orange juice.