Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12 of 12: Gay Pride Edition

Good evening, Kittens. Here are my 12 photos for the 12th of June.
Since this is DC Pride Week, I thought I would focus on things that are GAY GAY GAY.

My Shower Curtain is Gay:
Shower Curtain Detail

My Earring is Gay:

Using Moisturizer (SPF 15!) is Gay:
Face Cream

The Wildflowers I planted in the Spring are Gay:
Little Wildflower

Even though I don't want trains whizzing by my window at all hours of the day, the proposed Purple Line is Gay:
The Purple Line

Rainbows are Gay:
Painted Rainbow

The Name of this Restaurant is Gay:
Bombay Gaylord

Greek Salad from Panera is Gay:
Greek Salad

Packages of Weird Seafood are Gay:
Octopus and Squid

My Reflection is Totally Gay:
Red Reflection

Making Felted Military Belts is Gay:
Craft Project

Martinis are Gay:

The rest of the Gayness is on flickr.



  1. Hilarious.

    Except that shower curtain's not gay. It's cool. Very sixties.

    (Umm...not that gay is uncool. Because...uh...y' can be...y'know, sometimes...)

    Your earring is also gay because it's singular. I think you need to get another piercing. :-)

  2. This has nothing to do with your post, but that coaster is kick-ass.

    (can a coaster be kick-ass? can a coaster be kick-*anything*?)

  3. Martinis? Gay? Does Bond, James Bond know this?

  4. Just because something is cool DOESN'T MEAN YOU FAGS CAN JUST HAVE IT. Sheesh! Martinis, Indian foodz, and Greek salads are NOT gay!

    *collapses into giggles*

  5. Greek salad is gay only in the sense of innuendo.

    And since bacon and eggs most certainly do NOT go together, in my book, what does that portend for VUBOQ and teh gayz?

  6. I think your shower curtain is VERY gay. And that's a good thing. While I don't consider Martinis to be gay, that oriental rug coaster is so gay in a super funky way.

  7. in the sense of innuendo


  8. I'm laughing my ass off!! Go Gay Pride!!

  9. gay rocks! lol! what a hysterical 12of12! LOVE IT!

  10. Oooooo. This make me so happy!

  11. What a wonderfully gay day! :) Thanks for sharing it with us! Happy Pride Month.

  12. I love your gay shower curtain and those gay martinis! Sunscreen is not gay! I do want you to find a better gay earring though. And those belts, I am so sorry. Maybe they are Canadian gay?

  13. Oh Oh Oh! I totally forgot to tell you about a fabu gay resort! It's called the Gaylord Texan!! Maybe it's not gay but if it wasn't named after a gay Texan I thinked they would be pissed.

  14. I love the theme this week! There's a Gaylord Palms in Orlando that my husband and I stayed at once.

  15. Your shower curtain rocks!
    Right out of the Brady Bunch house....I love it!