Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Work Related Crap-o-rama

Good Morning, Kittens.

VUBOQ is a little peeved this morning. He had all sorts of plans and things to accomplish today. Until his project officer sent him 43 pages of email to answer by COB tomorrow. Yep. Email for the entire month. Email that the PO has been sitting on since June 3rd. VUBOQ is seriously considering doing less than half and not worrying about it (because, hey, we only have 5 more weeks left on this contract). Let the new contractor deal with the fallout. Whatevs.

See this face:
It does not care about the new contractor's problems.

I have not accomplished much on the Job Search front, which is disappointing. I need a big dose of motivation. Today, rather than work on those stupid email inquiries, I think I will try to complete at least one job application. Then, when I get home tonight, instead of wasting the evening plurking (and writing short stories), I will work on the very intimidating KSAs.

I will reward myself by watching the season premiere of Shear Genius (if Tomokito is still planning on hosting).

And I *might* have a martini.

More later. *smooches*


  1. Maybe one of the reasons that your boss sat on the e-mail is he feels the same as you about making it the next contractor's problem?

  2. I hear ya on the KSA! Only thing keeping me back a bit from applying to GS jobs. I go through the openings and do ones that doesn't ask for it first :D

  3. That is one uncaring about the new contractors face.

    I have to go work on my VUBOQ post. Is the competition fierce?

    xoxo, SG