Sunday, June 22, 2008

Meat-Free Sunday: Not Quite a Total OLS Fail

Good evening, kittens.

Thought I'd blog about my day of foodie goodness, esp. since I'm unable to do Meat-Free Monday posts while pottery class is in session.

Yesterday, using the chocolate mint I am growing on our porch, I started a vodka infusion. Mint infuses QUICKLY. It was ready to strain this afternoon. It's a lovely yellowy-green with a nice minty smell. I'll be giving it to a friend for his birthday this weekend.

After straining the vodka, I went out and thinned the Thai Basil. Rather than trash the seedling, I washed them and boiled them in several quarts of filtered water. After letting them steep for a few hours, I strained and put in the fridge. Hopefully, I will have made a refreshing beverage for the week :-)

I decided to make a pasta salad for dinner. I'm still not quite up to meeting the One Local Summer Challenge, but I'm getting there ... I had several locally grown ingredients and one or two "almost local" ingredients.

Ingredients for the salad:
Black olives
Orange Roma Tomatoes (locally grown, kittens!)
Organic Romaine Lettuce (almost locally grown ... from PA!)

Olive oil
Red wine vinegar
Hot & Spicy Oregano (from my garden!)
Rosemary (from my garden!)

Ta Da:

(and Chef's Little Helper is vodka on the rocks (and the rocks have thai basil seedlings in them (from my garden!)))

And there you have it. Not entirely locally grown, but we're getting there!
Stay tuned for the rest of my weekend adventures tomorrow.


  1. So what do you do with your mint-vodka infusion? Over ice? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. bustersdad: I'm thinking it would be good in a tall glass with tonic (or soda) and lime. The other option would be mix it with a chocolate liquer and cream for a desserty cocktail.