Tuesday, June 17, 2008

OMG! It Is Absolutely Forking Gorgeous Outside!

Down came the rain and washed the heat and humidity out. Kittens, it is fantabulous today. OMG. When I got to my office building, I almost kept on walking ... but then I remembered the pending unemployment and that I will get reimbursed for any vacation days not taken ... so I came to work. *bleah*

Pottery class last night was fun. I finished the two mugs. The slightly crappy vase was not quite ready to trim. And I threw a plate. It was hard. I may try it one more time and, if I don't like it, no more plate-throwing for me! Anyway, class was good messy fun.

One of the positive aspects of pending unemployment is that I will be able to go to open studio more often. That will be good. I hate doing things like trimming and attaching handles during class time.

In exciting garden news, the Thai Basil seedlings are looking LOVERLY. My wildflowers are blooming. The cosmos are starting to get little buds. The sad Thai Chili Plant still looks sad (and Thai!). The marigolds are starting to bloom. And the serrano chili plant is getting really tall (but has nothing even vaguely resembling flowers yet. I hope that's not a bad sign).

I can't wait to go all Earl Cootie on you and post pictures of my little flower patch.

More later. *smooches*


  1. I so need to plant something.

  2. It's ghastly hot out there. Our lawn is mostly brown, even the weeds. I do not want to go out to plant anything. Ugh.

  3. vuboq wonders if he's being sexually harassed via the comments...

  4. I bleev you mean Earl Cutie, no?

    Can you survive on your unemployment? 'Cause if so, I wish for you about 5 months of blessed unemployment, lounging around, doing weird daytime things working folks never get to do, sleeping in, and totally stress-free living.


  5. Haha. Just wait till I go all VUBOQ on you. (I covet that blue and yellow fish.)