Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Update: Reunification Edition

Good Monday morning, kittens.

When I awoke this morning, I remember thinking, "Wow. This weekend seemed really long." Perhaps because it was so relaxed?

Friday night, I drove (gah!) to BWI to pick up Y. I left his place around 9:30 or so because the Southwest website said that his flight was going to land about 15 minutes early. I arrived at the airport as he was disembarking. If he hadn't've checked a bag, it would have been perfect. Alas. He checked a bag.

So, as he's telling me to just pull over and park in the pick up area, and I'm telling him that the pick up area was crawling with angry looking Security Dudes, I navigated over to the Cell Phone Waiting Lot. Silly Y seemed to think that he would get off the plane and his bag would be waiting for him at the luggage carousel. You'd think that someone that travelled frequently would realize that it would be at least 15-20 minutes ... which it was.

He got his bag, called, and I picked him up. Easy. Peasy. Except for all the stress of driving (have I mentioned lately that I despise driving?).

Then, Y drove us up to Baltimore, where we met Eric from Baltimore at [Grand?] Central [Station?]. We had a few drinks then drove back to Y's, arriving around 1 ... I think.

Saturday, after a bit of a lie-in, we had breakfast, and I returned to my house. I futzed around until about 6. That evening, we went to Mike's house for dinner and conversation. Fun times.

Of course, once we got back to my place, I realized I had left my cellphone at Mike's. Gah. So, Sunday morning, I headed back over there. He made breakfast tacos. Yay. The boy can make some tortillas. Srsly. Yum.

And you can read about the rest of my Sunday in the previous entry.

Don't forget the deadline for the contest is Friday! Write a post dedicated to VUBOQ and win one of two FABULOUS prizes! YAY!

More later. *smooches*


  1. It seems you forgot about that bear and virus story.
    But of course, if you fill your weekends with fun things to do, it probably will never be finished...
    Glad you had a long and relaxing weekend, those are the best kind!

  2. I am no fan of driving -- or people who check their bags for a short trip.

  3. My weekend seemed too short because it was so relaxing. I did next to nothing and loved it, but then, boom, I had to get up and go to work today. How'd that happen?