Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Journey Back in Time

I'm keeping busy at work by going through a bunch of old disks on my desk. The one I'm looking at now contains about 45 pages of old journal entries I salvaged from the caches of various search engines after diary-x crashed.

Here's a blast from the past ...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Am I Gay Quiz

Recently, when I check my stats, I have noticed that thousands of one or two people per day visited my journal searching for an "Am I Gay Quiz."

Although I frequently use the words am, I, gay, and quiz, there is no such quiz in my journal ... until today!

Yes, the people person has spoken!

And, since I am a Gay Man of the People Person, I proudly present to you ...

EnviroBoi's Am I Gay Quiz
[Unfortunately, ladies, this is a Men Only Quiz. I don't have the knowledge base to determine if you are lesbians or not. I suppose you could just replace the appropriate words in this quiz and figure something out.]


Please answer the following questions honestly.

Assign the following point values:
Yes - 1 point
No - 0 points

The Quiz

1. Are you male?
2. When you masturbate (and you know you do), do you more often than not fantasize about men?

[scroll down to interpret your results]

Interpreting Your Results

Total your points [Remember Yes - 1 point, No - 0 points].

Multiply your Total by Your Age.

0-10: You are probably not gay.
> 10: You are gay.
> 60: Get out of the closet already.

All kidding aside, Question #2 is the one that really helped me come to terms with myself. I had been living in deep, deep denial for a long, long time. One day, I happened upon that question, and I realized, "Hmm ... I always fantasize about men when I masturbate."


And, it all clicked. I'm gay. If you are asking, you probably are too.


  1. Remember kids: if you can see Narnia, it's time to come out of the closet!

  2. Wow. I'm off the freaking scales. I'm the gayest gayboy who ever gayed.

    (Or maybe I'm just older than everyone else.)

  3. Bossy loves this - it's like an uber cool Public Service Announcement.