Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Update: Pridealicious Edition

Good morning, kittens!

What a weekend I had. On Friday, Tomokito, Across the Way Neighbor, and I went to Adega for dinner. Then, Tomokito went home, and AtWN and I met Carolyn for Sex and the City. Yes, I've seen it. But, I didn't have much else to do on Friday night. The movie was fun the second time as well.

Saturday, I blobbed around the house until around 4. Tomokito and I headed into the District to meet Mike, some of his friends, and Y for the DC Pride Parade. It was fun, but WET. Very Rainy. You can check out my photos on Flickr: DC Gay Pride 2008. The Straight Guy had fun at Pride, too.

We left the parade a bit early and went to Straits of Malaya for dinner. YUM.

On the way home, Y and I had a bit of a spat. I won't go into details; I'll just say that one of us was being a little childish. And it wasn't me. Unfortunately, because I was peeved, there was no I-won't-be-seeing-you-for-five-days-because-you-are-going-to-a-conference good-bye secks. Oh, well.

We had to get up early Sunday morning so I could drive him to the airport. I took his car back to his apartment, metro'ed home, and took a nap. Mmm. Naps. Later, Tomokito came down and we watched a DVD. I had dinner, watched another movie, and went to bed.

Fun times.

I should have worked on some job applications. A friend of mine has recommended me for a sweet job with the DC government. I need to work on that this week.

Pottery class is tonight. *w00t* We'll be learning to make plates. And, I also need to make handles for the two mugs I made last week. Hopefully, it will be a productive class.

Finally, *it* has arrived! I am now the proud owner of a Bedazzled Uterus! I am so excited! I'll try it on when I get home. For now, a photo of the shirt will have to suffice:

It's too late to buy your own, but you can still support Medical Students for Choice by going to

More later. *smooches*


  1. Bossy can't wait to go peek at your weekend photos.

  2. A Bedazzled Uterus? WTF?

  3. I'm glad you enjoy it, but it kind of grosses me out.