Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Journey to the Land of Cream Cheese

... except I heard a rumor that Philadelphia Cream Cheese isn't really from Philadelphia.

What up with that, kittens?

Anyway, DUN is going to be participating in the Philadelphia Insurance Sprint Triathlon* on June 21st. Personally, I think she's a little crazy (OK. A lot crazy). I'm also thinking about getting a group of friends together to go cheer her on.

If anyone from Philadelphia has any suggestions about inexpensive places to stay which are close to the course [Martin Luther King Drive section of Fairmont Park], could you please let me know?

I suppose we could make it a day trip, but an overnight stay might be fun, too!

*Is it just me or does "Sprint Triathlon" sound like an oxymoron?


  1. anne marie in philly12:52 PM

    well, you could stay in the valley forge/king of prussia area.

    cheaper than center city philly fer sure!

    and a ride down the schuylkill (pronounced sure-kill) expressway to the race site; approx. 20-30 minutes.

    hampton inn, quality inn, best western, motel 6, sheraton, radisson are some of the chains in the area.

    check 'em out! and welcome to my world!

    PS - if you need more info, please e-mail me.

  2. anne marie in philly12:54 PM

    oh yeah, and you are correct about the cream cheese.

    we don't know why this is so either.