Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We Secretly Replaced VUBOQ's Regular Coffee with Sanka

Like, OMG, kittens.

First, I was really early to work this morning ... What up with that? The only thing I can figure is that early this morning I recognized that if I started to hit snooze to get a few minutes extra sleep, I'd be hitting snooze until about 5PM. I am Tie-red.

So, on my way into work this morning, I had time to stop by Panera for coffee and a bagel (because I still had a few dollars left on my birthday Panera gift card from the Parental Units). I got my cinammon crunch bagel and coffee and continued my mary way to work.

As I entered my building, I took a sip of my coffee and OMGWTFBBQPONIEZZZ!!!11eleven... It was forkin' hazelnut coffee *cough* *gag* *sputter*



Apparently, some hapless Panera employee had secretly replaced VUBOQ's favorite rich and vibrant HELLO I'M AWAKE blend with the craptastic hazelnut flavored coffee. I'm still drinking it (because I paid for it (well, technically, my parents paid for it (but still ...))). It is the epitome of grossness. I mean, really, who drinks this crap? I take a sip, shudder, swallow, and move on.

But enough about my coffee troubles, how about I tell you about pottery class?

It was GREAT! I mean, like, *w00t* I made some SuperFantastic Stuff! YAYZ. I got to class a little early and trimmed the spirally vase I threw two weeks ago. The plate I made last week was still too wet to trim, so I decided to make ... wait for it ... a canister! Which, if you think about it, is simply a cylinder with a lid. But I've never made a lid before. So, I made the cylinder and a lid! YAY! Of course, there are still plenty of opportunities for me to screw it up, but, right now, v. happy.

Then, I threw another medium-sized vase, which I think I'm going to turn into a flower pot (by carving a hole in the base next week).

AND, as I was sifting through a bunch of old bisqueware on the shelves, I found a vase I made last session and had completely forgotten about. Yay!

There was also booze and teh secks (not at pottery class, silly). So, all in all, a very good day yesterday.

More later. *smooches*


  1. It could be that the Panera people simply made coffee in a pot that previously had Hazlenut coffee. Once it gets out, it contaminates everything.

  2. Yuck yuck Hazelnut.

  3. Speaking of Hazenut, did Bossy ever tell you you have too many Profile Photos?

  4. rossy Ha! I would have spit out my hazelnut coffee all over my keyboard had I not finished it about 3 hours ago :-)

  5. A cinnamon crunch bagel? A cinnamon crunch BAGEL?

    As Lea Delaria said: That's not a bagel. That's a donut made of bread.

    I don't drink coffee, hazelnut or otherwise. Bleah.

  6. David likes his coffee like he likes his women.

    Booze and teh secks at pottery class, huh? That's one way to increase enrolment.

    One had best not mess with Java's java, either. Don't give me none of that hazelnut crap!

  7. Mary way to work. Heh. ;-)