Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Been Broughten

Kittens! It's the CONTEST DEADLINE.

You have until midnight tonight to post your Ode to VUBOQ (or your post written in the Style of VUBOQ). Do it! WIN PRIZES!!! Fabulous prizes like this ... or this [and maybe, some other stuff ...].

As for me, I have a weekend chock full of fun and excitement in store. I finish work today at 1230. Suh-WEET. Who loves half-day Fridays? I do! I do! I'm heading over to the pottery studio (with a stop at Y's to get my 'pottery shoes'). Then, I *may* be happy houring in DC; however, my office email is down so I'm not sure who is coming (if anyone).*

After happy houring, I'll head back to Y's place. Saturday, I plan to get some job stuff done (and preliminary contest judging!). In the evening, we are going to a birthday party. I made mint-infused vodka for the birthday boy. I hope it's good. Sunday, I will be doing more job stuff. We're just a month away from Unemployment. Someone has got to get on the ball ... and find me a job. C'mon, people! Why aren't you out there pounding the streets finding me some employment? WHY? Do you want VUBOQ to be forced to turn to prostitution? Is that what you want? Is it? IS IT?**

And, that's about it.
Have a sunshiny day! *smooches*

*Hello, I'm Run-on Sentence. I'll be your server for this post.
**I think it is.


  1. be sure to check out my lame attempt at vuboqstyle.

  2. Sounds like a sweet, simple weekend. Good luck with the job hunting. No, good luke with the job FINDING!! I would be sad if you turned to prostitution.

  3. Can my Twitter happy hour comment count?

    (I just want a shot at a Vuboq pot, dammit!)

  4. I am full of Teh Suck.