Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You, Too, Can Be Just Like VUBOQ

It's easy really ... here are my SuperExciting plans for the evening:

1. Vote in the Special Election*.
2. Wash the ginormous pile of dishes in my sink.
3. Close out my May budget.
4. Update my June budget.
5. Weed the flower bed.
6. Work on answering some KSAs**.
7. Drink martini.
8. Make dinner.
9. Watch DVDs.

I'm not sure but there could also be cat-box cleaning and vacuuming at some point!

Follow these 9 (possibly 11) Simple Steps***, and you, too, will be living the Fabulous Vutopian Lifestyle****!

*VUBOQs Rock the Vote!
**Knowledge, Skills, and Assessments: Essay questions on government applications. They are full of teh suck.
***Some assembly required.
****Batteries not included.


  1. anne marie in philly4:07 PM

    MY life should be this exciting!

    but it's NOT!

    cause I'm not VUBOQ!

    #10 should read: drink another martini ;-)