Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Update: Now Even Updatier Edition

Here're are a few pics and thoughts to fill in the blanks from my post yesterday.

This is Friday around midnight:30, outside the Borders ... waiting waiting waiting to buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:
Harry Potter LineGigantic Zit from HellHarry Potter Line

And, here's a photo Y took of Tomokito and me at Joey's birthday party. My shirt, by the way, was older than the birthday boy:

Fun party. Met some very nice people. I also met 2 of Y's recent exes. One was funny and personable. The other? *meh* As Y told me later, "the only thing he asked me about you was 'Is his c**k bigger than mine?'" Apparently someone has a little [*heh* "little"] size inferiority complex. Y said he responded, "Of course."

I think I was looking pretty good for someone functioning on about 4 hours of sleep. As one of my college friends used to say, "If alcohol is a depressant, why do I feel so happy?"

I'm not sure what time we got home, but I think Y and I crashed around 2AM. We were up at about 9 the next morning. After some ... um ... fun, I made coffee and a yummy breakfast: eggs scrambled with cheddar cheese, corn, spinach, and fried corn tortilla bits and toast wedges with arugula pesto.

We fooled around a bit more, cleaned up and went to the coffee shop in College Park (see previous post). After leaving the coffee shop, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant for pho. It was yummy. Mmm.

Then, we stopped by Ikea for a few things and headed back to Y's place ... where I promptly fell asleep. When I got up, Y was working, so I decided it was best to head home. I don't think he was too pleased with that decision, but -I dunno- I guess I was feeling a bit too much togetherness.

On the way home, I picked up some take-out Chinese (woo hoo!) and called a bunch of friends. Good times.

Tonight, Y and I are going to see Cautionary Tales for Adults and the Many Adventures of Trixie Tickles, two mini-musicals which are part of the Capitol Fringe Festival. We'll probably go out to dinner afterwards, and then end up back at his place. I'm guessing ...


  1. this ex guy sounds pathetic!

    the glasses look so gorgeous.. and you look super cute in that vintage shirt photo.

  2. Gee, his ex sounds charming.

    I have Harry Potter in hand, but have only had a chance to read about half of it. sigh

  3. bala wala shi: Thanks. I was unimpressed by his most recent ex.

    gayprof: Hurry and finish so we can talk about plot points! I was very satisfied with how it all ended.

  4. Too much togetherness? Interesting. Sounds like Vuboq was a little sleeeeepy and craaaanky, maybe? ;-)

  5. Y's response to the less-than-prince-charming ex, was perfect. And true, I'll bet.

    Those scrambled eggs sound good.

  6. The ex has some security issues, lol. Sounds like a ball of a day. (I love the word updatier.)