Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Weird Times, Kittens

First, thanks for all the comments yesterday. They made me laugh this morning. And laughs have not been coming frequently enough for me these past few weeks. It's been a weird summer so far - filled not only with some absolutely amazing times, but also with some times of frustration and angst and sadness and the feeling of not really knowing what to do to make it better. *bleah*

Now, on with the show ...
Here is a photo I took yesterday evening as I was settling down for a comfortable night of movie-watching. The glowing drink is my lemon ginger vodka cocktail (lgv, blob of honey, splash of seltzer, lime garnish). You can also see that I haven't killed my (indoor) chili pepper plant yet. *woot*

The pottery calla lily oil lamp is from the town in NC where my parents live. I thought it was cute so I bought it. Of course, Mom, bless her, thinking I was attracted to the green glaze, began buying other pieces of pottery with that glaze. I explained I only liked the green glaze on this lamp, because it made it more plant-like. Now, she buys me serving pieces with a lovely blue and white glaze. Much. Better.

Lessee ... I *still* don't have internet at home. The RCN technician came by around 3:30, took one look at my apartment, and said, "This building isn't wired for RCN," and left. WtF? So, I called Verizon, and I'm getting hooked up with them in a few weeks. GAH! Vuboq is very frustrated with this whole innarnext business. I have ordered service, now, from Verizon (even though some people think it sux donkey dick), but I have no other cheap options. Verizon is only $14.99/month ... and I don't need to activate a home phone number.

Anyway, I watched Doctor Zhivago last night. And, WOW. What a great film. 200 minutes. Sprawling. Epic. No resolution for the main characters. I'm wondering if it could be the greatest gay film ever made.

But, VUBOQ, you say, none of the storylines were gay. Mm-hm. Didn't you notice how the film glossed over the lesbionic luv between Tonya and Lara? Mm. Hm. What were they doing all that time Yuri was conscripted by the Partisans? Hot Lesbo Sex! That's what! I'm sure there were other gay subtexts [Did you see how Yuri looked at Viktor? With burning manpassion!], but I would need another viewing or two to ferret them out.

And that was my evening ...

Oh. Here's a little poll question:

Who fakes a better heart attack?

A. Omar Sharif as Yuri Zhivago in Doctor Zhivago, or
B. Shelley Winters as Belle Rosen in The Poseidon Adventure

Vuboq is having a difficult deciding, but is leaning towards Ms. Winters.
OK. I guess I'm done. Don't forget to leave many comments for the contest (it ends on Friday!).


  1. huh. then why does RCN keep sending us direct mails?? i don't think we can have verizon neither...i checked it on-line...

  2. citizen-erazed12:29 PM

    I have to give a presentation tomorrow... but am i finishing it? No. I am commenting you instead. I hope that makes you feel suitably loved and adored!

    Oh, and Shelley Winters :)

  3. I bleev the feelings mentioned in paragraph the first are better known as Drunkard's Remorse.


    Seriously, though. What gives? Whatchoo unhappy about? It's not like you could be any cuter. Perhaps you're having an existential crisis. Maybe you should volunteer. Or have more sex.

    Ms. Winters.

  4. Shelley, definitely. No contest.

  5. I just didn't want to risk winning the hat out of the hands of another worthy commenter when I already have one of your lovely hats in my possession.

    Also, I've been enjoying having my mom out of the house so much, I've spent a total of twelve minutes online in the past ten days. ;)

  6. Best of luck with Verizon. Should you meet the end of your patience with them, I recommend Comcast.