Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hogwarts Homosexuality Shocker!

I have just made a shocking realization:

Not one of the teachers mentioned in the *entire* Harry Potter series was married! Not a one. My new theory is that the Ministry of Magic punished teh Gayz by sending them to remote/isolated schools to teach. Thus, removing them from greater society ...

... But giving them a freakish amount of control over future generations [Hey, no one ever said the Ministry of Magic comes up with *good* ideas].

No wonder Snape had such a fascination with Harry.


  1. At least Ron's parents were married.

  2. Oooh -- You anticipated a possible blog entry for CoG. I have been thinking lots about the lack of identifiable gay characters in HP. Yet, there is something queer about the whole thing.

  3. The whole series is one big queer metaphor. You slowly realize that you're not quite like the other kids? Discover that there is this whole other world of people just like you trying to "pass" in regular society but also having their own separate world where they're free to be who they are? QUEER.

  4. gayprof and marve: not to mention that Harry lived in the closet!

  5. Anonymous4:21 PM

    LOL. Because at the end of Hallows we find out a student later became a teacher at Hogwarts, and that made me think, Huh... guess he didn't get married then??