Thursday, July 05, 2007

Knit Wallet!

I just finished knitting all the bits and bobs [billfold, 2 large pockets, 1 medium pocket] for a knit wallet. Now, I need to figure out how to do "whip stitching" so I can sew it all together.

I'd post a photo, but I left my phone charger at Y's house. I'm in Phone-Battery-Conservation Mode until it is returned.

This is the yarn I used:

Berrocco "Suede" Yarn. Color: Sangria. Image:
Pattern from Knitting with Balls.


  1. I've just found this in Q&A section of Cobalt's website.

    Can you explain the "No High Heels Policy?"

    Sure. We do not allow spiked high heels simply for safety reasons. Period. Just stay on the safe side and wear flat shoes. Most gay men don't look at women's heels anyway so just leave that fashion at home.

  2. Bossy was wondering if you could knit her some money. Twenties are fine, hundreds better.

  3. Lakeman From WI5:55 PM

    Whipstiching is the easiest stich when sewing.
    Check out this website:

    It shows how.

  4. lakeman: thanks for the link. that really helped. *smooches*