Monday, July 16, 2007

Afternoon Query

Y posed an interesting question the other day, which I will now put forward here in an effort to get all of you to leave lots and lots and lots of comments!

So ...

You have a friend in his mid-thirties/early forties who recently came out. He's interested in seeing some gay films, but is completely unfamiliar with the genre. What are the first two films you would recommend he watch?

I will tell you my two choices in the comment section. [And while you're there, why don't you leave your own comment?]

In other news, my ginger/lemon infused vodka should be ready today! *woot*
Does anyone have suggestions for an appropriate mixer? I was thinking soda water. Or maybe just on the rocks with a dollop of honey?


  1. VUBOQ suggested Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Love! Valour! Compassion! What say you?

  2. Torch Song Trilogy is still a favorite of mine.

    I wish I was there for the infused vodka taste test. Nothing gets me more excited than cock and tail!

  3. I would recommend Maurice and Celluloid Closet. I've never seen Love, valour compassion, I'll try to find it.

  4. brad: Y also picked Torch Song Trilogy.

    Tornwordo: I briefly considered picking Maurice, but decided eventually settled on L!V!C! b/c I wanted something more "modern."

  5. TST rocked. I saw it live when it toured in the early 80's. My dad took me to see it, not knowing the second act had a big back room scene in it. There was only one actor on stage, reacting to people and situations that weren't really on stage, but it was clear he was having lots of random butt secks. My dad was a little freaked 'cause I wasn't that old, and told me years later he'd delicately tried to gauge my reaction but apparently I hadn't even noticed the anonymous back room butt secks scene.

    I loved that show. It was awesome.

    Oh, yeah, and the movie's way good too, but it doesn't have that scene in it the way the touring show did.

  6. I would definately say Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. For the secong, I am torn... LVC as you say, TST as others said, but I also liked Broken Hearts Club.

  7. chgo_boi2:31 AM

    I would say "Beautiful Thing," and . . . ummmm . . . "Walk on Water." It's not that well known, but it's well done- the main character goes from having no understanding of gay people at all to gaining some acceptance. Honorable mentions to Broken Hearts Club and Torch Song Trilogy.