Friday, July 27, 2007

The Simpsooooooooons

I *so* want to see the movie, but I think I'll wait a few weeks for the madness to die down. In the meantime, here is my Simpsons Avatar. You can make yours at the Simpsons website.

Good news, people! Verizon called earlier this morning and my Intartubez is all ready to be hooked up. If all goes according to plan (and how often does that actually happen?), I should be surfing the Wireless Wonderland tonight.

Cross your fingers and look for me on AIM this weekend and we can chat about all the goodness in the world. Or just bitch about life. I'm OK with either.



  1. Yay connectivitiy!


  2. My avatar didn't look anything like me.

  3. Yay ...I'll look for you. Ummm, that avatar is surprisingly quite Vuboq-like!

  4. Couldn't help but comment on the Simpsons avatar... very niiice ;)