Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stood Up, Kittens! Stood. UP!

Y and I were supposed to go out to dinner last night, but he called on his way home from work saying he was very tired and wanted to take a nap. Thus, we decided to postpone our dinner date, and he would come over later for ... er ... dessert.

He never came over.

I'm assuming that he either never got up from his nap ... or he is dead. Those will be the only 2 acceptable excuses.

At the likker store yesterday, I decided to buy Juniper Green Organic Gin (Is everything Organic these days?). It was on sale ... and they were out of Plymouth. I don't think Juniper was on the NYT List (but I can't find my copy to confirm that information).

It made a very smooth martini, but wasn't as flavorful as I was expecting.

While sipping on my ORGANIC martini, I made infused vodka. I sliced up a lemon. Then, I peeled and sliced some ginger. I put it all in a glass container and poured in the vodka (Smirnoff). Now comes the hard part ... the waiting. It should take about a week for all the infusy goodness to happen.

After that, I knitted. And watched DVDs. And, then, my friend, Kristen, who moved to Washington last month, called and we talked for over an hour.

It was nearly 11 when she hung up, and I realized that Y wasn't coming. *sniff*

So I went to bed.
Bed is good.
I like bed.

No exciting plans for today, other than laundry.
And I'd better be getting some sex tonight. *wink*

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  1. He must have died or slept, 'cause who would miss a booty call with you on purpose? NO ONE, that's who. *smooch*