Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekend Update: Day Late and Dollar Short Edition

What a weekend, kittens. What. A weekend. Here's the rundown:

Friday: After work, I met Kristen and Carolyn at Kristen's hotel for Happy Hour. Then, we walked to Banana Cafe for dinner. However, the wait was too long, so we ended up going to Belga Cafe a few blocks down. It was yummy (if a tad expensive). I had the Salade Roulade (heart of romaine with goat cheese, blue cheese and roasted tomatoes) and some sort of onion tart thing. For dessert, I had the Belgian waffles, which were disappointing - slightly underdone and the chocolate sauce was too tangy (it had raspberry something in it).

After dinner, I headed home. I was in the shower when Y came over. We tried to set up my internet, but kept having issues. A long and confusing call to India resolved nothing, so we went to bed ... *heh*

Saturday morning, I thought we were going to see The Arab-Israeli Cookbook; however, I had the date wrong. It was on Sunday. Oops. Y and I "lounged around." Later, I called India again, and, this time, got someone more understandable who explained the situation. Apparently, I had agreed to having a technician come to my home on Monday sometime between 8AM and 5PM [how's that for a window?]. I asked if I could have a more precise time only to be told that was impossible. Gah.

Y and I had scones and coffee for breakfast, and then headed to College Perk to hang out for a bit. We ended up back at his house just blobbing around. I took a short (3 hours! oops!) nap. When I woke up, Y needed a study break ... so we ... um ... "broke." Then, at around 9:30, Kristen and Carolyn called with an invitation to go roller skating. In Towson (north of Baltimore). Y couldn't go, but I decided, "What the hell. It could be fun."

They picked me up around 11. We got there just before midnight-ish. $6.50 including skate rental. It was so 80s and fun. Just like being back in Junior High only without the weird social awkwardness. We skated until about 2 and headed home. I was in bed a little after 3.


Sunday, I met Y at Busboys and Poets (on V and 14th) to see The Arab-Israeli Cookbook, a reading of the experiences of Israelis and Palestinians in Israel, centered around food preparation. I was a bit surprised when we were informed that it would be two hours long. Most other Fringe Festival offerings ran about 30-50 minutes. Obviously, we wouldn't make brunch with Kristen and Carolyn, who had made 1:30 reservations. An hour and 45 minutes later, we left at intermission. The reading was interesting, but too long. It could definitely use some editing. Y lost interest after about an hour and started surfing the web on his phone.

Since we missed the brunch reservation, Y and I ate lunch at Chinatown Express. Then, met Kristen, Carolyn, and Mike at the theater to see Harry Potter 5. Which was very good - although not as good as the book. I think the director/writers did a good job getting to the meat of the story though. A lot of interesting details and side plots were lost though. As Kristen said, "Where's the Quidditch?"

After the movie, Y and I headed back to my place for a little fun. He decided to meet an ex at Cobalt, so I had to make sure he would be too tired to get into any trouble. He was ;-)

Monday, I had to take the day off to wait for the Verizon technician. I called in the morning to see if I could get a more precise window. I couldn't. I called at noon and was given a longer window (8AM to 7PM). I sputtered. The guy on the phone said he would tell the technician to arrive sooner if he could.

The tech arrived at 4. I had internet by 5. Life is good.

Unfortunately, because I had to spend the entire day at home, I didn't get to the store to buy the ingredients for my Meat-Free Monday Cooking Adventure. Thus, I hereby proclaim today, Meat-Free Tuesday. I am going to attempt to make pupusas tonight.

Wish me luck.

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