Thursday, July 12, 2007

Residual Crankiness

I'm still a little cranky from the phone conversation from last night (see previous entry).

Y came over around 9. We watched a DVD, Talledega Nights. Cute movie. Sometimes funny. I rented it on my brother's recommendation. I should have known better.

After the movie, we had a little fun. Y needed to do some reading for school. I went to bed. This morning, more fun was had. Then, I rushed around trying to get ready for work.

I might not see Y again until next week. Tonight, he has a condo board meeting. After the meeting, he is going out with one of his exes. [I admit this is causing a slight twinge or two of discomfort ... This is the ex prior to the ex before me. The ex who had his heart broken by Y, according to Ray, at least. It's been over a year (I think), so maybe all wounds have healed.] Tomorrow morning, he leaves for New York City to meet his dad, who is flying in from Israel.

I'm thinking of finally getting internet at home. Has anyone used RCN? Complaints? Praise?


  1. Exes (spl?) are not fun. But I think it's best to share your "slight twinge" with Y. I'm still upset at this phone conversation too. What your friend did was passive aggressive-- this behavior often takes you aback. If you care about this person and think that she might be open to what you have to say, maybe you should talk to her. If you think she is not worth the effort then just ignore her and her future invitations.

  2. Why is he going out with his ex? Are they just going for a friendly dinner or something? If they're friends, that bodes well for Y's general character. I doubt there's anything for Vuboqs to feel nervous about. *smooch*