Thursday, July 19, 2007

Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom

Let the hundred schools of thought comment.

Friendly reminder (and chaos preventative measure):

1. The fun comment contest ends tomorrow at 5PM EST.


B. I will not be coming to work tomorrow until after noon. Please do not panic if you don't see a morning post. I will fill you in on all the naughty goodness in the afternoon.



  1. Ack! Where did your cake go? Seeing it everyday made me happy. And hungry. (Not that I'm knocking the current picture, which is adorable; but, c'mon, Pink Cake!)

  2. I did adore that b-day pic.

    Have fun with your BF tonight!

  3. No VUBOQness until after noon? How ever will I survive? Poo.

  4. I am living vicariously through your naughty goodness!

  5. I much prefer the new icon pic in the robe. I did start to panic -- but then I kept reading and everything was okay.

  6. I agree with gayprof. You look gorgeous in this photo. Maybe you should really pay Tomokito for capturing to gorgeousness so nicely ;)