Monday, July 09, 2007

Hm. Very odd. I'm unable to give this post a title. It's not letting me clickyclickclickety in the "Title" field. Weird.

Thus, this post shall henceforth be known as

Weekend Update: I Can't Give This Post a Title Edition

Don't you feel better for knowing that?

So ... Friday, after work, I met Mike, Tomoko, and Y in Dupont Circle. We walked up to the opening of a gallery exhibition of recent artist school grads from the area. It was packed. And hot. And full of, not bad art per se, rather art that just seemed done. As in, haven't I seen most of this somewhere before? art. Furthermore, I don't know if the gallery was trying to be all hip-trendy-emo or if it was broke, but the free booze offered was ... um ... PBR. *ugh* As I told Mike, "I didn't even drink PBR when I was poor(er)."

After we left the gallery, we walked over to the Beacon Hotel for drinks on their rooftop. They didn't have any happy hour specials. Fortunately, as I was perusing their booze list, I saw hidden amongst the Tanqueray and the Bombay Sapphire, a sparkling gem of expensive gin, Hendrick's. I immediately gave Tomoko the head's up, "Grrrrl ... we gotsta order a Hendrick's martini. It was highly rated by the NY Times AND costs like $40 for a fifth."

We were not disappointed. I think I had a gin orgasm. Not bad for $11.

For dinner, we originally were headed to DIK, but got sidetracked by Bua Thai. Mmm. Drunken noodle.

Once back at my place, Y and I watched My Super Ex-Girlfriend, which while not fantastic, wasn't completely horrible either. Then, we had lots of sex and went to bed. *yay*

Saturday morning (after some quick morning sex), I went to my hair appointment. My best friend from college, Isa, was in town for work, so I called her after my appointment to see when we could meet up. We decided it would be best to meet for dinner, so I headed back to my apartment. Y and I had lunch and, then, um, more sex. *sigh*

He left in the late afternoon to get some work done at his place.

On the way to meet Isa at 6:30, I stopped by the Best Buy and -am very excited about this- bought Tomb Raider I and II for ONLY $13! *woot*

I met Isa at 4912, a very yummy Thai restaurant near her hotel. Her coworkers decided they would rather eat at *shudder* the Cheesecake Factory. Our food was excellent. I haven't been to 4912 in years, so I'm glad that it is still good ... and reasonably priced. We had 3 drinks, an appetizer, 2 entrees, 2 desserts, and 2 coffees for $50 (not including tip). I think that's a bargain.

I went home and watched Tomb Raider. *heh*

Sunday, I did lots of blobbing around the house. And some knitting. I worked on the Oscar Project until I ran out of yarn. Then, I started knitting something which may be a blog prize in the near future ... I watched movies. I ate. And that was about it.

Lessee ... today is Meat-Free Monday. Why not have a meat-free meal today and do your part in helping the environment?

I think I might go over to Y's after work today. Maybe make him dinner or something. He's been working hard on some big research project for the past couple of days.


  1. I didn't know the Cheesecake Factory served things other than, you know, cheesecake.

    All and all, sounds like you had much fun -- and sex.

  2. And the hair? The HAIR? How is it? Come visit Bossy's Virtual Yard Sale... you can pick up another blogger - or a bad advertisement or a purple font - for, like, really cheap.

  3. I'm having the same trouble with my titles. I can write them, but once they're written, I can't change them or edit them.