Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Meat-Free Monday: Sex Over Food Edition

Yeah, so, I didn't cook last night. Y called at about 3:30 to see if I could come over either tonight or tomorrow. Since I'm having internet connected tonight, I went over there last night. I did a few things at home -strained the lemon ginger infused vodka, fed and watered the kitty, packed an over night bag, and ate leftover rice and beans. Then, I headed over to Y's.

We messed around a bit. He did some more school work. Then, we ate a late, light dinner of cheese and crackers and salad, accompanied by a delicious lemon ginger vodka cocktail (*rowr*).

Then, we had teh buttsecks. And lots of it. *aaaah*

I feel so much less stressed out now. Although I do have some lingering concerns [not about Y] that I will have to deal with eventually.

Not much on the agenda today other than INTRANEST! *WOOT* Them bitches better come today or I willz be pissed ... er ... pissedER.

I may cook something special tonight or tomorrow, which I will use as my Meat-Free "Monday" post. Don't forget the CONTEST, and if you post a comment about your Meat-Free meal last night, it counts TWICE! *woot*


  1. this is so not fair! VUBOQ can have his meat-free monday on tuesday and the kittens can't. give kittens a second chance.

  2. Did somebody say lemon ginger vodka cocktail?

  3. I'm afraid I don't qualify. I had a nice juicy barbecued steak for dinner. Does the salad and baked potato I had with it count? Mmmm, I love ginger anything ... including men.

  4. I had rajma with potatoes and cumin rice, which I cookeded mine very own self.

  5. citizen-erazed1:47 PM

    Since i'm new... and i'm telling you about my dinner... does that mean i count 5 times? :P

    You may change your mind when you discover i had baked potato and cheese.... Meat free nontheless!


  6. I had meatless leftovers, does that count? Cheese ravioli with a pasta sauce I swear I will never make again.