Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Two Things VUBOQs Hate

1. Being out of gin (except for the super-special small batch Leopold's gin purchased in lovely Ann Arbor, which is only for super-special occasions and "woo hoo it's Tuesday" doesn't really count as special). Seems like a trip to the likker store is in order.

2. Fishing the last few potato chips from the bottom of the big bag (but VUBOQs do this because they are craving potato chips).

In other news ...

Here's an excerpt from my IM conversation with Y this morning. I thought it was funny:

Y: sorry i missed ur call last night
VUBOQ: that's ok.
Y: i left my phone on vibrate , and forgot to sit on it
VUBOQ: i just cried myself to sleep b/c i couldn't talk to you before bed
Y: u sure ur not jewish??

*yawn* I could use a nap.


  1. whaaaatt? you finished THE gin?? go to NC and buy another NOW.

  2. tomokito: sorry for the confusion, but I still have the super-special gin. I finished my regular gin. btw, interested in coming down for Tom Collinses this evening?

  3. Remind me not borrow Y's phone.

    You could just go to Ann Arbor and buy more super-special-small batch Leopold's gin.

  4. this IM conversation is hilarious. you guys seem to be "in-sink" with each other's sense of humor. it's cool.

  5. The IM convo: cute cute cute!

  6. oh, right, THE gin was not from NC but from Ann Arbor....ok, i'll finish it tonight:-)

  7. I love a guy with a sense of humour. I am liking Y more and more.