Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independenced Out

Tuesday ... after work, I went home, gave the cat lots of food and water, packed an overnight bag, and headed over to Y's. On the way, I stopped at the Whole Paycheck to buy the fixin's for pasta salad.

I got to Y's around 6ish. We fooled around. I took a nap. Around 10, we headed into the District to meet Tomoko. Mike decided not to join us because he was feeling fat. Whatevs. We met Tomoko at Cobalt around 10:45, but -because of that club's mysterious shoe policy- they would not admit her.

According to Darryl (who I saw at the BBQ yesterday), spiked heels are weapons. Of course, I was thinking "Isn't the knife in my sock more dangerous than a 1-inch heel?"

Anyway, the bouncer at the door said to Tomoko, "You can go down to CVS and buy flip-flops."
Tomoko, with a look of absolute horror on her face replied, "I'd rather go home than wear flip-flops." [or something to that effect] She turned and left.

And, now, I could insert a rant on this being one of the reasons the DC shoe scene is so sad and pitiable; however, I won't ... suffice it to say that DC's shoe scene is sad. And pitiable.

Y and I called her and said we would go to Halo, where her fabulous dress and shoes would be more appreciated. After a round of drinks (thanks, Tomokito!), we walked her to the Metro Station and then headed back to Cobalt.

The line? It was around the block, stretching almost to 16th Street. And not moving. We decided not to squeeze ourselves into the bar and returned to Y's house ...

... to have more fun than can be had in public.

Independence Day morning, we woke up surrounded by presents! Our stockings were overflowing with toys and candy! Santa Claus had come!

Oh, wait. Wrong holiday. Um.

Independence Day morning, we woke up ... and had sex.

Then, we blobbed around. OK. I blobbed around. Y studied. Around noonish, I started throwing together the pasta salad. YUM.

We left for the BBQ around 3.

The BBQ was fun. It was at Kelly's new home in Upper Marlboro. Her house is GIGANTIC. 2 floors, finished basement, 5 bedrooms, 8000 bathrooms, soaring cathedral ceiling in the living room. Of course, Practical VUBOQ was all "Wow! This is beautiful. It's going to cost a fortune to heat in the winter."

It was good to see everyone. I can't remember the last time I saw Christal and the gang. Darryl's been incognito since April. Fun times were had. Much food was eaten. Many trendy malt beverages were drank. We left around 8:30PM. As we left, I told Christal, "I think this is the first time I've ever left one of your parties before midnight."

We drove back to my house, where we watched a movie John Tucker Must Die ... which was surprisingly kinda cute. Then, rather than watch fireworks, we made our own.

Much. More. Fun.

I so did not want to get out of bed this morning, but I did. And here I am. At work. It's going to be a slow slow boring day, I'm sure.

Please entertain me by updating your blogs often! Thanks. *smooches*


  1. Seems as it was a (sexy, sexish?) full of sex-type holiday...

  2. Sex=good

  3. WTF, heels are a weapon? So is a pen, along those lines of reasoning. I imagine they probably came up with that one after a specific incident, but shit, that's harsh.

  4. are they worried about their "wood" floors? how idiotic!

  5. It sounds like a very great holiday :-) But if you didn't know, that fun you had can be had in public and some like it that way :-)