Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fun with Missed Connections

MC w/ cool gay guys. Good-bye DC! - m4m - 31
I tried to like DC. I really did. I've been here for the past 18 months on a temporary work assignment and I thought I could make the best of it.

Damn, I was wrong.

Anyone who doubts DC is still a small town should took a good look at its gay scene. JR's is laughable. Each time I went there I felt like I was amongst a sea of farm boys disguised as collar-popping prepsters. Cobalt has the ambiance of a club in Des Moines and Apex feels like a gay junior high school prom on crack. And Duplex Diner? Yikes! Is there really a need to wear your work badge at 10 p.m. at night? Oh right, of course there is! How else are we going to know to ask you about your low-paying government job?!

It's not just the bars/clubs, either. Parties, coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, museums- they're all a snooze. Quite frankly, this city is full of homos from small towns who somehow think their paper-pushing jobs have elevated them above the mere mortals.

Oh and this city is so damn racially segregated. That has really pissed me off…and I’m white!

Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. I did meet a great group of friends that I hope to stay in touch with forever and I've had a healthy dating life here.

But 9 out of the 10 gay guys here have the personality of a box of rocks. You guys need to get your acts together. Seriously.

Good bye, DC. You suck. I can’t wait to get back to NYC.

Fun responses:

MC with gay guys
I'm sorry you've had a rough time in Gayville, DC. At least now I know it is not just the straight guys with attitude. Please, DC men, gay, straight, whatever, lose the arrogant attitude and learn some social skills! Get a personality and learn how to talk like a normal person! Yikes.

DC Hater - 26
Let me start off by saying - DC is no New York - No shit buddy. Does this surprise you? How can you compare the two? More people in NYC, more to do, more options, better restaurants, blah blah blah. Who doesn't know this?

And New York is not racially segregated? The last time I was in Manhattan, I saw fewer African Ammericans than I do on my walk to work in DC each morning. I wasn't in Harlem, but you act as though NYC is not overly gentrified with wealthy whites. Give me a break.

I'm glad you can focus on the positive aspects of your time here - too bad it only garnered a sentence or two in your tired rant. Try focusing inward regarding your tirade, as opposed to this city, as the issue may be with you. There is quite a diverse group of people here, and to suggest they are all boring-ass bureucrats is just plain wrong.

Don't get pissed at the district because you can't find a date here. And when I move to NYC maybe we'll run into each other. Hopefully the anger management therapy is working by then.

Y'know the whole "DC/NYC" comparison thing gets on my nerves. NYC is what? 7 times larger than the Metro Area? It stands to reason that it will have more options.

I finally visited NYC last year (or was it the year before). And, it's a nice place. Fun. Good shops. Nice restaurants. Of course, it's not all sunshine and daffodils. NYC has it's share of pretentious, preening queens and -horror upon horrors- big-haired girls from New Jersey. A dirth of free musuems. Crime. Pollution. Urine-drenched subway trains.

All places have strengths and weaknesses. The goal for living successfully in any of them is to ferret out the good while mitigating the bad. Cranky New Yorker may want to consider doing that next time he visits a new city.


  1. Museum s/b 'museums,' methinks.

    And it's always important to remember that 'wherever you go, there you are.'

  2. hmmm I must disagree with you my friend-- I love new york, it's the one city i will choose to live in if i had a choice (and money). it's one of those places that you can only appreciate once you live there. people are not cranky. they are just abrupt. i'd rather have that than the passive aggressive attitude, disguised in politeness, that you see in many other 'nicer' places. out of everywhere i've been to, i NEVER received so much help from strangers like i did in NY.

    i like DC as well.

    true, not fair to compare. but tell this to the idiotic people here in TO who love to call their city 'the small apple' go figure!

  3. bala wala shi: I'm not sayin' NYC is a *bad* place. I'm just sayin' that like all other cities in the world it has good points and bad points.

    Personally, I prefer London ;-)

  4. true true.. would love to go to london. maybe we should go there together. i have two fabulous friends here who lived there and can't stop shuttling back and forth. it seems like the place to be now.

  5. "Anyone who doubts DC is still a small town..." D.C. is a small town (I don't think anyone, even locals, harbors any illusions about that)... and in fact, I kind of liked that aspect about it. I also liked that I could always get on a train and be in New York in a few hours.

    "I did meet a great group of friends that I hope to stay in touch with forever and I've had a healthy dating life here." Well, he should consider himself lucky then!

  6. D.C.? NY? Please, stop fighting! Can't we all just get along?

    Besides, neither compares to the vastly superior Boston.