Friday, July 27, 2007

Meanwhile ...

Last night, I had a mini-gathering with some of my neighbors, New Upstairs Neighbor, Diagonally Upstairs Neighbor, and Across the Way Neighbor [NUN, DUN, and AWN?]. We ate cheese and crackers and chips and salsa and hummus and pita and drank Tom Collinses and talked and gossiped and had a good time. Y joined us later.

I like my neighbors. And I like where I live. And it's times like last night when I think, "y'know, I'm really happy with my life" and just thinking that makes me feel all warm and gooey inside. I guess we are all warm and gooey inside, what with all that blood and soft tissue, so I guess I feel warmer and gooeyer than usual.

After the guests left, Y and I went to bed and had much fun sex. Aaaaah. Have I mentioned lately that I am liking him a lot? If not, I am.

As for my exciting weekend plans, after work today, I'm meeting Kristen and Carolyn near the Navy Yard for happy hour. Then, we are going to dinner somewhere near Barracks Row. I am hoping for Banana Cafe. I haven't been there in ages. Today is also Darryl's birthday, but I haven't heard anything about a party or gathering. I guess he is either not having one or I'm not invited. *sigh* Yet another friend who seems to have erased me from his life.

Y is attending some school party in Silver Spring tonight, so we're rendezvousing back at my place this evening. I have given him my spare keys in case he gets there before I do. Hm. I've given him my spare keys. It doesn't seem like a big deal ... but I don't think I ever gave the Cheating Cheater my spare keys. No. I did once, about a month before we broke up, so he could check on Isabella while I was out of town one weekend.

Anyway, on Saturday, we are going to another Fringe Festival production, The Arab-Israeli Cookbook. This one's free. Yay. Then, on Sunday, I'll be meeting Kristen and Carolyn and Tina for a Harry Potter 5 matinee. I think we'll go out to dinner afterwards. Maybe to Jaleo! Mmm. Jaleo!

And that's most of the news that's fit to print. More later. *smooch*


  1. it's great to have nice neighbors. i'm still searching for mine.

    spare keys are major!

  2. I'm glad you dig your domestic scene. That's awesome. Like dorm life, only with a better kitchen!

    I went to see HP5 last night, but ended up getting drunk with my friend instead.