Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Sound My Barbaric Yawp

Back in those heady days of diary-x, I posted a poem I wrote. I can't remember it exactly, and I spent a good part of this morning looking for another copy. Alas, it seems to have been disappeared. Perhaps, that is for the best.

The gist of the poem was that throughout my life I've felt the need to start anew, to shed my skin and move on - meeting new people, trying new things, new places. As I reflected on the events of this year thus far, I'm beginning to feel like, not the shiny, new person, but the cast-off skin. It's an interesting sensation, one that I'm not accustomed to feeling. I spent a good portion of last night trying to figure out how to remedy it. I'm still drawing a blank.

But, I now know that booze isn't the answer ;-)

[I kid, I only had one drink last night.]

I am wondering though if standing in the middle of Sligo Creek Park and sounding my barbaric yawp would help. [Cue Ethan Hawke]

Anyway, in more interesting (?) -or at least, (slightly) less self-involved, news, I watched Kingdom of Heaven last night. I can't say I'd recommend it. It wasn't a *bad* movie, per se. However, I never felt engaged. Throughout the film, I never felt an emotional connection to any of the characters. It was odd ... because usually, even bad films, suck me in and make me feel involved.

I also started knitting another hat (not for a contest though. Sorry, kittens).

And I made dinner: angel hair pasta tossed with arugula pesto and topped with sauteed squash. The squash was from my fabulous diagonally upstairs neighbor's garden and was yummy. Also, it was shaped like a UFO, which was v. cool.

Oh, and *big smooches* to GayProf for giving this blog his much-coveted Magical Seal of Approval.

In that entry he also discuses his Top 4 Ideal Cities to Live In. Since my feet have been feeling a little itchy lately, I've been thinking about cities where I would like to live [Other than here of course]:

Portland, OR.
Seattle, WA.
Chicago, IL.
Philadelphia, PA.

I would also like to live in the Southwest (New Mexico or Arizona), but the environmentalist in me has concerns about water scarcity and the environmental impact of increasing populations in desert ecosystems.


  1. Come to Philly and be near Bossy!

  2. Fukuoka, Japan
    Saigon, Viet Nam
    Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Hmmmm...maybe Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    All if I can get a job.....

  3. Doesn't Boston get any love from anybody besides me? The thing about ABQ and Tuscon is that you can find housing that attempts to minimize water consumption (no lawn, water saving devices in all the showers, etc., etc.). This is not true of Phoenix. ABQ's biggest problem right now are outsiders moving into gated communities with golf courses (Grr -- This makes GayProf angry on many levels).

    As I tell my students about grades: I don't give them to you, you earn them. The same could apply to the Magical Seal of Approval. ;)

  4. bossy: Yet another reason to move to that funtastic city!

    tomokito: Internationally, I think I'd choose London, or maybe Glasgow, since I had such a fab time there!

    gayprof: Boston doesn't get much love from me b/c it is too close to the Non-Super Fantastic Cuzins. And golf courses suck.

  5. Yay! Portland!! Have you ever been here? It's gorgeous... You're always welcome to stay if you come visit? :-)