Friday, July 20, 2007

You Got to Wake Up Early in the Morning

OMG. And I do. Even without the alarm, I was up at 7:12. Of course, I went back to bed for a long snuggle with Y.

Anyway, last night, Y came over around 8ish. I made a -if I do say so myself- fantastic dinner:

Angel hair pasta with sauteed garden-fresh [from the garden of Broccoli Rob] yellow squash and thyme in alfredo sauce (which was store bought. I just couldn't bring myself to try to make my own), topped with toasted pine nuts, and

Spinach, arugula, and tomato salad with a parmesan vinegrette.

Yeah. It was delicious. I rock. Everyone should want me for their boyfriend (yet, surprisingly so few people do).

After dinner, we took a shower, messed around for a bit, and I went to bed. Y stayed up to do some writing.

This morning, we messed around some [OK, a lot] more, showered, and had a light breakfast of blueberries, yogurt and granola and coffee.

So well-fucked and happy :-)

Y left around 10:30. I walked up to Downtown Silver Spring half an hour later. I stopped by the Borders to see about getting a number for the midnight sale tonight of HP7. The line was past the DSW. I was feeling very anti-line, so I decided to skip it. I will stop by the Borders after work to see if they are still assigning numbers. If not, I still may run by tonight at midnight to experience some of the fun. Or, I'll get up early tomorrow morning to buy my book.

I'll pretty much be reading all day tomorrow (or all night tonight). My only other exciting weekend plan is to go to Joey's (of Ray and Joey) birthday party in Virginia. No plans for Sunday, but brunch might be nice. Or just staying at home relaxing. I'm good with either option.

Oh. And my Verizon DSL stuff arrived yesterday. But, my phone line won't be activated until next Friday. The waiting! The horrible waiting!

Don't forget today is the last day to leave a comment and be entered in the contest! You could win a hat! A HAT, people! How awesome is that? The contest ends at 5PM. I'll draw a name this evening, I think.

As an extra bonus, the first person who leaves the correct name of the song and artist of the lyric I used as a title for this post in the comments will get an extra two entries in the contest!


  1. Yay for cooking an awesome dinner! Yay for showers and cuddling! Yay for well-fucked and happy!

  2. I find you quite fetching, VUBOQ. Plus you cook, too bad I'm married!

  3. Shoo-Rah? I only know the Elvis Costello version.

    And yay for being well-fucked and well-fed.

    My copy of HP is on reserve at Borders. I'm seeing Aimee Mann tonight at the Birchmere and if it runs late I might stop by the bookstore to go ahead and get my copy.


  4. I just can't do the Potterdammerung tonight. My evil fandom powers have been diminished by Tolkien.

  5. I don't recognize the lyrics... So I will guess it came from Hee-Haw.

  6. I love that hat Vuboq!!!!

    eight lives left, had the song title but he didn't give the artist's name.

    Shoo-Rah!Shoo-Rah! By Betty Wright.
    (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

    J'espère,j'espère, je suis bon!!!

    As you can probably tell,I'm taking this contest very seriously.
    (In a good way though). :)

    I love all your recipes and if you were straight, I'd propose to you on two bended knees.
    Immédiatement, de tout mon cœur.

    But that ain't gonna happen, so the hat contest is ON!! [SMILING]

  7. Great blog! I just added you to my blogroll at