Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Update: Hungover and Alone Edition

So, kittens, it has come to this. Life is an odd balance and my juggling skills aren't what they used to be. And, sometimes, like ... now, I want to throw all those stupid balls in the air and walk away. But I think I'm too lazy to do that. Or too comfortable with inertia. Or something.

I suppose I'll eventually figure out what to do. And, then, maybe I'll stop being so damn cryptic. Or not. Whatever. On with the weekend ...

Friday was a halfday for me. I had an appointment with RCN to come install (hookup?) my new internet connection! The technician was scheduled to arrive sometime between 2 and 5PM. I waited and waited and waited and waited.

And waited some more.

Until at 5:30, I looked up RCN's phone number and called.

Me: Hi. I've been waiting all afternoon for the RCN technician to arrive.
Jerry, the Helpful RCN Sales Rep: Let me check our system.
JtHRSR: Yes. We have that he was there between 2 and 5.
Me: Um. If he came by, why am I calling you?
JtHRSR: Ah. Um. Hm.
JtHRSR: Yes. Our system says he came by at 4:14.
Me: Like I said before, if he came by, why am I on the phone with you? He didn't come by. I don't have internet. And I'm not very happy.
JtHRSR: I'm sorry. The only thing I can do is schedule another appointment.
Me: Do you have anything available tomorrow?
JtHRSR: No. The next available time we have is on the 17th.
Me: TUESDAY?!?! I'm going to have to wait until Tuesday?
JtHRSR: I'm sorry. There aren't any earlier times.
Me: Fine. Put me down in the 5 to 8PM slot. Please. And if I can find another company to come out sooner. I will call to cancel.

So, I will not be having internet until Tuesday now. Grrr.

After the call ended, I got ready to head over to Mike's for movies and pizza. On the way, I called Y and vented. A lot. Finally, he was all "um. I'm picking up my Dad. I'll call you later." Yeah. OK. Whatever.

Saturday, I did lots of running around. I had to pick up Tomoko and Emiliano's housewarming present. And do a little grocery shopping.

Then, I went home and relaxed until the Housewarming Party. I did wear my yukata. Some pictures were taken. Once I get copies, I will post them. Trust me, I looked very cute. Really.

Sunday, I was *very* hungover. Not sick or headachy, just lethargic. I didn't do much of anything other than blob around the house feeling sad and alone. I don't even know when Y is supposed to get back from NYC. Maybe today? I could've used a hug.

ANYWAY, I'll try not to be so mopey today. I'm going to order some yarn from here and here. I want to knit a few things for some friends. Speaking of knitting, don't forget about the CONTEST. Leave a comment and [maybe] win a HAT!

Also, since today is Meat-Free Monday, any comment today or tomorrow detailing your delicious (or not so delicious) meat-free meal will count twice!

Addendum: I was going to email this to Bala Wala Shi, but thought that the rest of you might benefit from the information as well. She asked why I don't eat fish (or something to that effect).

I am vegetarian for environmental reasons. Some fish populations are not in danger of collapsing or are raised/caught sustainably. Visit this site for some handy guides. I find it too difficult to keep track. Wild salmon is OK. Farmed salmon is bad. Gah. Would a restaurant even know if the salmon they are serving is wild or farmed? It's much less of a headache for me to choose not to eat fish.

For a good book on the topic, one of my professors recommends this one: Song for the Blue Ocean by Carl Safina. I haven't read it, but my professor said that it was the book that convinced her to stop eating fish.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Unfortunately today won't be meat-free for me because we have leftovers from last night. Even the vegetarian option (Vegetable stew with couscous) was made with broth made from a lamb's bone that I saved from the butcher's leftover can.

  2. Vented about what? He better be nice to you, or I'll smack him, oh yes I will.

    You're always cute. Sheesh.

    I love Knit Picks, omgwtfbbq.

    Also fish tend to have heavy metals in them.