Monday, July 02, 2007

Spot the Horrible Blemish ...

... and the Very Cute (But Really Gay) Earring

(Photo Credit: Tomokito)

This entry is nothing but an excuse to post a cute photo (IMHO) of Y and me.

I am craving strawberries. I hope they are on special at Whole Foods. It's a new month. I can afford to buy *real* groceries again. Yay.

I am also nearly out of vermouth. Life is so cruel. I hope I have enough to make a martini tonight. If not, I may be knocking on someone's door: "Excuse me, may I borrow an ounce of dry vermouth?"


  1. someone still has some dry vermouth...and Project Runway DVDs! They have just arrived today. But I won't be back home until 8:00 or sucks.