Friday, July 13, 2007

Comments Validate My Existence

Kittens, in honor of my 39, 189th site visitor, Vuboq declares,

It's time for a CONTEST!!!

[and there was much rejoicing. *yay*]

Here's the deal: For every comment you leave from now until 5PM next Friday, July 20th, you will be entered one time in a very special draring.

But, wait! There's more! First time commenters (and you know who you are) will be entered THREE times for their first comment (and once only for each following comment ... )!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! Leave a comment on Monday or Tuesday detailing your delicious (or not-so delicious) Meat-Free Monday Meal and you will be entered TWICE for that comment!!!


And I hear the chorus of voices asking, "Win what, VUBOQ? What will we win?"

Oh, it is a very special prize indeed. One finished only last night...

A handknit HAT!!!

"But, VUBOQ," you whine. "That's not very special."

Au contraire, mon fraire. Not only is this a super-duper handknit VUBOQ hat,

BUT! It is also made from leftover yarn from the Never-Ending Sweater of DOOM!!!!

Cranberry Sunshine Goodness!


Just in time for August, you will be able to look (almost) as cute as THIS:


Comment now. Comment OFTEN!


  1. OMG, I am dying for that hat. One entry, please, while I frantically plan my meat-free Monday meal. :D


  2. - is sea food considered meat or not?
    - if i had more than one meat-free meal on monday, will this increase my chances?
    - how about meat-free meals during the week?

  3. sassy: good luck and keep commenting!

    bala wala shi: Seafood is meat.

    The meat-free monday double bonus is only good for ONE meat-free meal (but, please enjoy as many as you like. the environment will thank you)!

  4. So, if this is yarn from the never-ending sweater of doom, this would mean that, if I won, we would have matching outfits, right?

  5. This is a hat that could convince me to wear hats other than pirate hats.

  6. seriously now, my reference to all food environment knowledge was an article i read in harper's "the oil we eat." so i have limited knowledge. i understand why meat, depending on how it's 'produced,' is bad for the environment but i don't understand why sea food is. so please enlighten me with either an email or suggested readings.

  7. Ahh, teh cuteness! And the hat's cute too! ;-) Seriously, love it.

  8. Why are you not on IM? Why? WHY!

  9. you wear touques in august? good heavens! no wonder you can't deal with snow! it's a lovely touque though :)

  10. Oh My, such a cute hat!!
    Look out contest contestants...

    You didn't have any "leftover" negative feelings about the yarn while knitting this hat did you?
    You did say it was made from leftovers of The Never-Ending Sweater of DOOM!!!! :)

  11. It's so hot here I can't even contemplate a woolly hat! I love cranberries, though ... and you do look super cute in it.

  12. How many Vuboq hours were required for the hat? I haven't started my hat yet. Got the yarn and the pattern, but haven't started yet.