Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Quick Saturday Almost Evening Post

I'm supposed to have my own Intranest connection now. Needless to say, and to make a long story (which will be expanded on Monday short, I don't. Vuboq is *so* not happy with RCN.

I went to Mike's last night for pizza and movies. I have really been craving pizza lately, so I ate too much and my stomach hurt all night. *whine* *moan*

I feel better today.

Tonight is Tomoko and Emiliano's housewarming party. I will be wearing the yukata (men's summer robe) I had made when I lived in Japan. I haven't worn it since I came back to the US, other than to show my family. I'll try to remember to take pictures. It's cute, if a little old man-ish. meaning ... I guess, that most young men don't rush out to have their own yukata made. And maybe the pattern is a bit mature, as well. Whatever. Cute. And I like it. So there.

I think I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening, watching old movies and drinking a Tom Collins. *mmm*

Don't forget the CONTEST. Leave many comments, kittens. *smooch*


  1. I think I speak for all your readers when I say that we need a picture of you in your yukata. Please to be taking and posting, thank you.


  2. I am just assuming that you will be naked under the yukata.

  3. sassy: A friend took some photos at the party, so -once he sends them- I will post a pic or two.

    gayprof: I will neither confirm nor deny any rumors of nekkidity beneath my yukata.

  4. One of my friends upon returning from India showed me the four pairs of really cute pants she'd had copied from her old and about-to-be-retired favorite Gap pants. Ever since then, when I fall in love with a garment, I want to go to India and have it copied four times for $20 because things rarely fit me well.