Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What One Thinks About When One is Awake from 1:30AM to 4:30AM

Especially when that One is me ...

Why am I awake?
I'm thirsty.
I should be asleep.
Why am I not asleep?
It's dark.
I'm thirsty.
I have to use the bathroom.
This sheet is too heavy.
The room is too warm.
This pillow is too thick.
Shouldn't I be asleep now?
The #52 keeps popping into my head.
I used to live near Highway 52.
Back in high school.
I hated high school.
There were some cute boys in high school though.
And some mean ones.
And some cute mean ones.
Like the one who sat beside me in band class.
What was his name?
Maybe it was Jay.
It could have been something else though.
He was cute.
But mean.
I hope he is fat and bald now.
I bet he is.
Cute mean boys in high school should all be fat and bald now.
I hope they are.
Especially because I'm not.
Fat and bald, that is.
I'm still cute.
And not mean. Usually.
I am balding though.
Stupid genes.
Shouldn't I be asleep by now?
I'm thirsty.


  1. Cute mean boys from HS are all fat, bald, and saddled with dozens of mewing children. For them, HS was the best time in their lives (which is really sad).

    I also stay awake at night.

  2. gayprof: suddenly i feel a slight stirring of pity for the cute mean boys from high school. oh. wait. that was just gas.