Thursday, July 26, 2007

Because I Don't Blog Enough About Booze ...

Last night, after washing, drying, folding, and putting away two loads of laundry,
AND making my bed,
AND vaccuuming almost the entire rug in the living room (which is an astonishingly huge 5'x8'), Tomoko came down for cheese/crackers and Tom Collinses. Mmm. Tom Collins. My new boyfriend.

Prior to my evening of housework, because I was out of gin (well, I still have the super-special Made in Ann Arbor small-batch distilled Leopold's gin, but that is *only* for super-special occasions, like ... um ... I'm Out of Money to Buy More Gin Day or I Planted a Gabillion Chili Pepper Plants and Every Single One of Them Has Died Day (which just so happens to be right around the corner) or even I've Been Dating Y for 3 Months Today Day (August 15th, which *is* right around the corner, practically)), I stopped by the likker store on the way home. I bought gin and vodka.

I want to make more delicious infused vodka. However, and this is where reader participation comes in, I can't decide what to infuse it with ...

Mike has this idea about rosemary-infused vodka ... but, that sounds a little gross. He can try that one.

I was thinking maybe cinnamon? Cinnamon and clove? Cinnamon and apple?
Bleu Cheese?
Mango and bleu cheese? [Ew]

Seriously, I need some suggestions. AND, if I pick your suggestion, I might share some with you. If it turns out nasty, I might give you all of it.

In other exciting news, Haagen-Daz is on special at Whole Foods - 2 for $6! *woot* That makes me happy. I brought my cute, new insulated Whole Foods bag to work today so I can stock up on frozen treats. Ice cream! Veggie burgers! Mmmmm ....

[Veggie Burger Infused Vodka?]


  1. actually rosemary-infused vodka doesn't sound bad at all. i think it might be interesting. i can imagine the subtle after taste of pure vodka with a savory hint of a fresh herb. except that rosemary always needs to be handled with care-- it can have an overpowering killer of all other flavors taste if you are not careful.

  2. Some type of nut. Almond, maybe.

    I once dropped some Rainier cherries in a margarita. They looked very, very pretty in there. I didn't notice that they altered the flavor of the marg at all, but they did soak up lots of margy goodness so eating them after I'd drunk all the liquid was especially yummy.

  3. How about vodka infused with more vodka?

  4. It's summer time... make use of the yummy fresh produce!! Peaches... berries... Mmm... berries!! :) And if it is any good you should invite Alyssa and I over!!

  5. Mmmm... the Cinnamon Apple sounds delish.

  6. Blackberries.

    I wouldn't do a rosemary sprig infusion by itself, but I have no idea what I'd pair it with. However, I have found, at least for olive oil infusions, that just using the rosemary flowers gives a slightly different taste--less overpowering, slightly sweeter. It's too late for harvesting rosemary flowers though...

  7. Olives.

    Olive-infused vodka.


  8. Heeey... what about kalmata olives and rosemary? :D