Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Feel Naked

Sunday, my jade bi (pictured), which I have worn almost continuously [the cord has broken twice] since I bought it in China in 1999, came untied as I was standing in my living room talking to Y. The cord, which broke a few months ago, is too short to re-tie.

I don't have any longer lengths, so I am not wearing my bi until I can buy more cord (possibly this weekend). It feels weird not having it around my neck.

I need to figure out a way to tie that puppy so it won't come untied or break again. Does anyone have any ideas? Special cord to buy? A different way to tie it?

At the party on Saturday, one of the guests noticed and complimented it. Before I could say anything, his drunk and annoying boyfriend jumped in and said, "Oh, yes. That's beautiful glass."

I coughed and said (to the non-drunk non-annoying one), "It's actually jade." Then, I told him about living in China and buying it.

Funny that it would fall off the day after I was telling someone about it.

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