Friday, July 06, 2007


The weekend rapidly approaches, and I have no firm plans.

Which is just odd (for me), and it leaves me feeling slightly adrift.

Mike and I talked about going to happy hour tonight - either at our old standby, Halo, or possibly the BeaconHotel's Terrace Bar or Y suggested going to a gallery exhibition opening.

Saturday, I have a hair appointment. Yay. Cut. No color this time. My best friend from my college daze, Isa, will be in town. We are supposed to meet at some point to do something. Afternoon margaritas? Museums? Her father, who passed away last Fall, was a Korean War veteran, so she might want to go visit that memorial.

The Hippo, a club in Baltimore, is celebrating its 35th anniversary on Saturday night, and, last week, we briefly talked about going there. However, I don't think that is going to happen ... unless it is totally spur of the moment.

No plans for Sunday either. Maybe a day of relaxing. Or perhaps catching a movie.

Last night, I did nothing of interest (as usual, the snarkier amongst you might add). I did one load of laundry. I ate leftover couscous salad. I whipstitched my wallet together (thanks for the linky goodness, Lakeman from WI). The wallet, it is seeming kind of flimsy and not quite big enough (even though I checked my gauge and everything). Tomorrow, I may take it for a test ride to see if I want to make a few more as Xmas presents.

If not, I have no idea what I'm going to knit for the male family members this year.

I haven't talked about my gardening adventures lately. Nothing seems to be growing. *sniff*

The peppers I planted in the planter with compost are growing the best. The 2 pepper plants I left indoors are looking well (if slightly chewed by Isabella). All the other pepper seedlings look exactly the same. No growth whatsoever. And the tomato plant I got from Sarah just looks yellow and sad. *sigh*

The Black Thumb strikes again. *sigh again*


  1. I love the Hippo!! You should go there... then you can see giant penises (or should that be peni?) on the video screens! How could you go wrong?!? :)

  2. Based on the above comment, go to the Hippo! Go to the Hippo!

  3. dana and gayprof: I see a giant penis every day *wink wink*

  4. Your neighbor doesn't pull down his blinds?

  5. I did notice that the peppers in the compost container seem to be growing a little!

    Don't you give up! Those plants want to have babies and they will catch up sometime this summer with desperation.

  6. So, it's not quite true that NOTHING is growing around chez Vuboq! ;)