Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Single White Female

This not-able-to-type-titles thing is really wearing on my nerves.

Anyway, first, a few snippets of fun little doodads ...

1. Y forwarded an email to me in which some school at UMD needs white females between the ages of 18-30 to participate in a research study on stress. UMD will pay $350 for a screening interview and two performance sessions. Y asked if I knew anyone who would be interested. After racking my brain for a good 10 minutes, do you know how many white female friends I have under the age of 30 (actually any age)?


Give up?


That seems ... well ... odd. So, if any of you are white, female, under thirty and in the area [and interested in making a quick $350 that doesn't involve having sex with senators], contact me and I'll forward the information to you.

2. A funny article in today's WaPo Express ... "They're Ancient Sumerian Fertility Symbols, Darn It!" in which a town in Oregon has had complaints about 52 cement posts used to protect pedestrians from traffic and costing $20K. People think the "cylindrical, rounded-top posts resemble male genitalia."

The kicker was the final sentence: "If that doesn't look better, Eppley says, they'll swallow the considerable cost and take them down." *heh*

That made me giggle this morning on the metro ride to work. [Here's an article with photo]

3. Children of the 80s this is for you:

At the AFI Silver ... Totally Awesome Films of the 80s! Pretty in Pink! Purple Rain! Blue Velvet! Say -fucking- Anything! *squeal*

OK. Enough of that ...

So, last night was fun. I went over to Y's to make dinner. I get there and am unpacking all the ingredients which I schlepped over from Silver Spring. Lime. Red chili pepper. Cucumber. Shallot. Tofu. Mushrooms. Green squash. Coconut milk. Red curry paste. Vinegar. Rice. Rice? Rice?!?! Where's the forking RICE?

GAH! And, of course, Y doesn't have any rice. GAH! After throwing together the cucumber salad and placing it in the fridge, we headed to the store. To buy rice. Only. Right?


Y is almost as bad at shopping as Mike. So. FRUSTRATING. I wanted rice. I wanted in. I wanted out. I wanted to go home and cook. Y wanted to buy fruit. and vegetables. and look cinnamon! and ooooh ... how 'bout some wine? and ice cream? Should I buy a watermelon [which inspired a cellphone pic to prove how RIGHT I AM]?

It's 9-friggin'-o'clock! I'm hungry. My blood sugar was low. Vuboq was getting CRANKY!!!!!

We finally checked out and I could start cooking dinner ... but we didn't eat until nearly 10. The curry, though, was fantastic. Have I mentioned that I make a kick-ass Thai curry? Have I? If not, I do!

After curry (and gin and tonics. mmm.), we ate coffee ice cream. yum. Then, we hit the shower (mmm. shower sex) and I went to bed. Y needed to finish up some work.

Up this morning for a quickie. Then off to work. And here I am. Ready to take on the day.

As for the missing rice? I think I must have left it at home. Alas. I also think I left the a/c on. At least my pussy had a comfortable air-conditioned night (and day).


  1. I had to search forever to find that penis post story. But Gah! what a bunch of dillwads. The posts are maybe slightly choadish, but then what thing that's longer than it's wide doesn't? These people have cock on the brain. Can you imagine what would happen if they saw a building over, say, six stories tall?

  2. Oh, make that "doesn't" an "isn't" and it reads better. And what's up with your title thing? Are you the only person having this problem? Spooky.

  3. e.c. I have heard from a few other bloggers who are having titular issues ... but no one seems to have a solution.

    *heh* "titular"

  4. on the watermelon thing i've seen it sold both by pound and each.

    those people in Oregon are hillarious! it's so funny.

  5. oh and i can totally sympathize with Y.. that's how i shop too. you never know what you need/ want until you are reminded of it visually.

  6. Bookend sex! Every morning, every night!

    I love Vuboqs who link to me. Even if they are stone cold crazy bitches.


  7. I think it's only the little round ones that go "each" instead of "by pound."

    Okay, is it only from my mind being in the gutter from reading about those traffic posts? Or did the above paragraph sound worse than it ought?

    I shop like Y, too, though I always go in with such good intentions...