Friday, February 02, 2007

Bring Me Java. Bring Me Joy.

A friend of mine sent me this song, Taylor, the Latte Boy, which I am now totally in love with and listen to ALL the TIME. I've attempted it to upload it to so all of you can share the love.

Here's the link: Taylor, the Latte Boy
Let me know if it works.
The song? It's totally cute.

Meanwhile. yesterday, was laundry day. Fortunately, I had enough detergent to do my one load of colors. I must get to the grocery store soon, not only to buy more laundry detergent, but also to buy certain somethings for a certain someone. Which need to go in the mail SOON. Gah. The pressure.

Other than laundry, I typed on my short story for a bit (it's up to about 2 pages, oddly spaced). I knitted some.

And that's about it. My life is thrill a minute.

At least this weekend should be fun, happy hour tonight at Halo with my kittens. Game Night tomorrow at Kristen's. And, Winter Vegetable Chowder making on Sunday. Especially since no one has invited me to a Super Bowl (aka the Straight Oscars) Party. A friend suggested that I invite the guy I had the one date with last week (the week before?) to partake of the soup.

What say you?



  1. You silly sod! I didn't mean you! Sorry I've not replied to comments there yet. But I really didn't mean you!

  2. PS. Of course you should ask him!

  3. A kitten can't wait Happy Hour. Can I start drinking now here in the office? I have choice of sake, shochu and bourbon....

  4. Ah, "Taylor, the Latte Boy." Love that song (and Kristin Chenoweth in general). By the way that song file seems to be protected. Probably it was purchased from iTunes? Dang DRM. (There are workarounds, I think...)

    Have a good weekend!